FUJINON Expands 4K HDR Zooms with New 46x Lenses, Shows X-H1 Camera

Fujinon DuclosExpander

Duclos 1.7x expander for using FUJINON zooms on new larger sensor cameras.

FUJINON's 4K HDR lens range has expanded with two new UHD 2/3” lenses, the UA46x9.5B and UA46x13.5B.  A prototype will be shown at NAB 2018. A new OS-TECH image stabilizer makes the new UA46x zooms a good match for sports, wildlife and documentary production. Specific versions of each lens will be available for studio, wildlife, remote-control and gyro-stabilized productions.

The Digital Full Servo Drive Unit now has 16-bit encoding for more accurate local or remote operation of the zoom, focus or iris, and a Virtual Connector that outputs the lens’ positional data.

Like all 10 lenses in the FUJIFILM 4K UA 2/3” line, the new models have 4K Ultra HD and HDR optical performance throughout their entire zoom range. The UA46x9.5B has a 46x zoom ratio and a wide angle from 9.5~437mm, or 19~874mm with a 2x extender for instant telephoto, with an F2.0 aperture. The 'Tele' version UA46x13.5B lens also has a 46x zoom ratio and a telephoto reach from 13.5~621mm (27~1242mm with the 2x extender) with an F2.8 aperture.

The lenses use the most recent High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC), resulting in richer colours and better blue response and transmittance, to avoid poor focussing in the blue channel. They both achieve 4K UHD optical performance from centre to corner throughout the zoom range while suppressing image distortion, due to a multiple-lens element zoom system. Availability for the UA46x9.5B and UA46x13.5B is planned for late 2018.

Thomas Fletcher, Director of Marketing at FUJIFILM Optical Devices Division said, “The adoption of HDR for broadcast is a growing trend we are addressing through our high-contrast lenses. Fujifilm's colour science expertise, due to its motion picture film history, gives FUJINON lenses an edge when producing bright 4K HDR images.”

Fujinon UA46xBERD

New FUJINON UA46x9.5B zoom lens.

Premier UA Lens Series

The UA24x7.8 from the Premier UA Series of UHD 2/3” lenses will make its NAB debut. It was first introduced at IBC2017. With a total length of 220.5mm and weight of 1.98kg, the UA24x7.8 zoom is the smallest and lightest FUJINON 4K HDR broadcast lens. Its compact body achieves 24x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 7.8mm to 187mm (374 with the 2x extender.) This new lens is also portable and allows users to shoot high-resolution video in environments requiring significant mobility and extended shoulder time, such as live sports news and reality TV.

The Premier UA 4K 2/3” line-up itself is among the first series designed specifically for UHD broadcast applications. It includes handheld zooms like the UA24x7.8, plus a studio lens and field lenses.

MK Series Lens Accessories

The FUJINON MK lenses for cinema and television have been very successful for Fujifilm, so much so that several third party providers have introduced various accessories to broaden their compatibility for owners, in particular extra camera mounts. MK Series lenses come standard with an E Mount, and the Duclos Lenses’ FZ mount now allows the lens to work with Sony F5 and F55 cameras, which will be shown at the Fujifilm NAB booth. MTF’s Micro Four Thirds mount also allows the MK series to be used on Panasonic, JVC and some other cameras.   

Among those manufacturers with new gear for the FUJINON MK Series are lens control, accessory and service companies Heden, Chrosziel, Bright Tangerine and Zacuto.

The new Duclos 1.7x expander enables FUJINON Cabrio and Premier Series Super 35mm zooms to be used on the new larger sensor cameras such as Sony’s Venice, RED’s Vista Vision 8K and ARRI Alexa LF. With a combination fast T stops and high optical performance, the HK Premier lenses are PL-mount zooms compatible with some emerging digital cinematography trends.


Fujinon XH1MKX

The new Fujifilm X-H1 camera and FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and MKX50-135mmT2.9 cinema lenses for X Mount, make a compact combination suited to shooting both video and stills.

The X-H1 is the first camera in Fujifilm's X Series line with in-body image stabilisation, compensating for camera movement to preserve image quality and precision. Other functionality in this camera is devoted to video capture, including ETERNA film simulation mode, a 1080/120P high-speed video mode that records 1/2, 1/4 and 1/5 speed slow motion, and a DCI (4096×2160) 4K shooting mode. It has F-log SD card recording for smoother workflow integration so that shooting with a recorder is not necessary and a 400% dynamic range setting with approximately 12 stops, and records at a high 200Mbps bit rate. An internal microphone (24 bit/48 kHz) and verbal time codes for multiple camera shoots are included.

The new X Mount FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and MKX50-135mmT2.9 cinema lenses are compatible with all Fujifim X Series interchangeable system cameras – including the X-H1 - are lightweight, compact and have the same optical performance and operability as larger cinema lenses in their class. Between them, they cover 18-135mm - the most frequently used focal length in video production - and achieve a constant T2.9 aperture across the entire zoom range, supporting a shallow depth of field and attractive bokeh effect.

Their optical and mechanical construction was designed for video shooting – specifically, to avoid the time lag associated with electrical control systems, suppress focus shifts while zooming, and reduce lens breathing to control sharpness. The new MKX cinema lenses will be available by mid-2018.   www.fujifilm.com