Teradek Wave Malibu Shoot scaled

Teradek has released two new connected devices for mobile video and live streaming applications. Teradek Wave live streaming monitor handles five separate tasks on a touchscreen display, and Spark 4K transmits 500ft wirelessly with no perceivable delay over the 5Ghz band.

Wave is capable of handling encoding, smart event creation, network bonding, multistreaming and recording, and has a compact design for use on tabletops with its leg stands, or mounted to cameras for live streaming. It has hot-swappable battery plates and USB-C connector to supply continuous power for long productions, and a daylight-viewable monitor that displays content at any brightness. These features make Wave adaptable for streamers working in most environments.

Wave users can set up a series of events ahead of time with Wave’s project workflow, FlowOS, an operating system that guides users through preparation for live streaming events in advance, and saves the settings. Settings cover video and audio configuration, network connection, destination and others. Streamers can also use FlowOS to monitor their video in real time from Wave, and follow their stream settings and analytics at the same time.

Wave has a mobile app as well, making it possible to move away from the monitor while continuing to review the stream’s bitrate, network status and other statistics on a mobile device.

Teradek Wave Malibu Shoot camera mounted scaled

Wave users can pair their device with Sharelink, Teradek’s cloud service. Sharelink supports network bonding, which maintains live streams by splitting the video bitrate across multiple network connections including Ethernet, USB modems and cellular hotspots. If one connection becomes unreliable, Wave load-balances across the other connections, preserving a stable connection in challenging environments.

Sharelink’s secondary function is sending streams to multiple platforms simultaneously. By allowing viewers to tune in from their preferred platform, streamers have a better chance of widening their streaming audience.

Spark 4K Low Latency HDR Transmission

Teradek Spark 6

Spark 4K is Teradek’s first wireless transmission device for professional audio visual applications, transmitting a video feed at up to a 4Kp30 resolution with 10-bit 4:2:2 colour. It achieves 4K HDR video transmission for up to 500 feet with no perceivable delay over the 5Ghz band, displaying content on the receiver in less than 1 millisecond.

Teradek says that Spark 4K is their response to a growing demand for practical, high quality video transport occuring as schools, churches and businesses have adopted live streaming events to engage with audiences through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teradek Spark 1

Spark 4K’s horizontal mount design works in most shooting situations, and with most A/V gear and workflows. The transmitter weighs less than 160gm, suitable for gimbals and cameras, and has dual-powering options via USB-C and Barrel Connector, with an internal battery life of about 2 hours. The receiver unit is slightly larger than a cassette tape and is HDMI-compatible with computers/laptops, projectors, switchers, monitors, TV screens and LED video walls. For multi-casting, each transmitter can be connected to up to two receivers.   www.teradek.com