Fujifilm Fujinon ua107 MCG

MKTG Sports + Entertainment, a marketing agency specialised in sports campaigns and fan experiences, is the team responsible for operating the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s (MCG) Scoreboard Control as part of their commercial rights agreement to deliver the AFL. This means producing the in-venue coverage of AFL matches for the Scoreboard’s two big screens, separate from the broadcast coverage.   

The screens’ content is supplied mainly through two fixed stand cameras – one captures a tight shot with an 87x lens and the other uses a 40x for wider shots. Further supporting footage is recorded with a portable RF camera. Recently, the MCG decided to replace the 87x lens with a newer, more powerful lens and purchased the Fujinon UA107 with a 107x zoom range and 4K imaging.

MKTG's GM Operations & Technology Mike Lewis said, “These two stand cameras need to be very agile and closely follow or anticipate the play. The existing Fujinon 87x lens had served us well but, after 15 years of service it needed replacing. As the equipment owner, the MCG agreed replacement was required and asked MKTG to facilitate the options.”

Mike talked about the Scoreboard screen content from a marketing point of view. “Fan engagement and brand activation are essential considerations in entertaining crowds before matches or during breaks in play,” he said. “The Fujinon UA 107 allows the operator to shoot very tight, keep up with the play and single out spectators quite easily for big-screen coverage. The MCG asked us to suggest lenses that would keep their value, in particular through compatibility with 4K production systems. The Fujinon lens has met that requirement, and the response from the operators and producers has been very favourable.”

MCG's General Manager - IT & Innovation Rey Sumaru said, "The MCG is obliged to stay up to date and make sure we have an eye on future 4K development. Our new Fujinon lens is consistent with this obligation." www.fujifilm.com.au