Arri orbiter docking ring

ARRI’s range of accessories for the Orbiter LED luminaire now include a Docking Ring that accepts third party accessories to widen its applications, plus three new tools for greater flexibility.

The Orbiter currently has a Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system and a number of ARRI optical lighting accessories. By enabling the Orbiter to accept other manufacturers’ optics as well, the Docking Ring expands the luminaire’s applications and makes it possible for users to attach equipment they already own. The optical design of the Ring enhances the performance of older tools in terms of output, optical performance and homogeneity.

Now, users can apply optics familiar to them to the Orbiter as an alternative to ARRI optics, while keeping the quality and power of ARRI lighting. This makes a manageable investment capable of supporting future options.

Arri orbiter docking ring2

The adapter connects directly to the Orbiter’s QLM mounting system, which automatically recognises the Docking Ring and adjusts the light output. Attaching third-party optics is simple and can be done without special tools. An automatic, low-noise cooling fan has been built in to make using third-party optics safe as well.

The tool allows the attachment of compatible optics from various manufacturers, including projection optics, fresnel and cyc lighting kit up to a weight of 7.9kg. The Docking Ring itself only weighs about 1kg and is very compact. The Docking Ring is only needed for attaching third-party optics and is not necessary when working with ARRI optics and accessories.

Arri orbiter docking ring diagram

For rental companies, the Docking Ring is a useful way to make ARRI’s tunable LED Orbiter suitable for a wider range of customers. Diverse new types of theatres, productions and photographers, for example, can now use the Orbiter with the optical equipment they already own.

Soft Light for Close-ups

Creating pleasing, soft, almost shadow-free illumination is now possible with the Orbiter Bag-o-Light. This accessory resembles a huge tube and can be attached to Orbiter’s 15° Open Face Optic attachment and suits close-up applications for video and photography. When this accessory is inflated, it measures 2m long with a diameter of 22 cm and weighs slightly over 850gm. It transforms the beam from the standard 15° ARRI Open Face optic on the Orbiter into beautiful soft light.

Arri orbiter bag o light glass cover dome mini

L - R - Orbiter Bag-o-Light, Glass Cover, Dome Mini

Unrestricted Light Output

Made of highly translucent glass, the Orbiter Glass Cover is small, compact and lightweight, and supports unrestricted light output without impacting colour temperature or quality. It suits near-distance applications with limited available space that need abundant light. The Orbiter’s QLM allows the cover to be mounted very easily. It simultaneously protects the Orbiter’s light engine and can be used instead of the transport cap cover.

Intimate Settings

The Orbiter Dome Mini outputs high quality, omnidirectional light at a high intensity. The Dome Mini is a smaller, lighter version of the existing Dome optic and therefore more portable. Its highly translucent material keeps the light output loss to a minimum compared to the usually larger, cloth-based domes. The light it produces works well for near distance applications with limited available space.