Cooke Optics has launched the S8/i Full Frame (FF) series of seven lenses for full frame production with an all-spherical design and T1.4 throughout, currently including 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm focal lengths. A further nine lenses will join the range from late 2022.

The S8/i are high-speed full frame lenses are made for cinematographers wanting to create more realistic and film-like images with spherical lenses for digital motion capture. An evolution of the Cooke Look, S8/i produces beautiful images with an organic feel and clean bokeh.

To achieve this, Cooke has focussed on optimising the contrast performance for the S8/i. Good resolution is vital in a modern lens, and human perception of resolution is tied to contrast, so an observer will perceive a sharp image due to the synergy and balance of both attributes.

Creating film-like images and the Cooke Look requires the optimisation of contrast. Cooke’s design team and Academy Award winning designer Iain Neill, Chief Optics Advisor at Cooke, undertook a major study to ensure S8/i’s contrast performance is maximised to suit the actual resolution of digital cameras today and into the future).


Under the body, S8/i is an all-spherical design which produces a near telecentric output of the light rays which is efficient for sensors. It is characterised by smooth, spherical bokeh and minimal colour fringing, enabling cinematographers to create sensitive and emotional images with a high degree of dimensionality.

With a maximum aperture of T1.4 across the focal range, the new S8/i FF lenses are amongst the very fastest produced lenses for larger than full frame capture. They also offer greater control over depth of field and flare characteristics, whilst still providing excellent low light performance without graining.

Compact and light, agile and easy to use, the new S8/i FF lenses have been created for a wide variety of situations and today’s compact cameras. Being lighter, however, has not compromised strength, durability, or their exceptional image quality.

Designed from the ground up to incorporate Cooke’s intelligent /i technology, the new S8/i FF lenses include /i data focus and iris position, /i motion inertial data and /i maps factory calibrated shading and distortion data.

The S8/i FF series is now available to order in the following focal lengths 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm. Selected focal lengths will be available to view at BSC Expo in London in March and NAB in Las Vegas and Micro Salon AFC in Paris in April 2022.