FUJINON Randall Wood

Documentary filmmaker Randall Wood and assistant using a Varicam 35 with the FUJINON HK Premier 75-400 zoom.

Pro-Cam in Brisbane, Qld, are experts in professional video hire and production for all budgets, after 30 years of experience in the industry. They have one of the city’s widest ranges of professional and broadcast cameras, lenses, audio and lighting, plus prop hire and editing services. As well as running a broadcast rental business they are also producers in their own right, servicing the legal profession and filming natural history productions.

Pro-Cam owner Ian Bates talked about demand for high performance cine zoom lenses and his company’s recent purchase of two lenses in the FUJINON HK Premier Series, the HK Premier 75-400mm T2.8 and HK18-85mm T2.0 lenses. Ian said, “We have used FUJINON lenses for over 30 years so when this opportunity came up, we jumped at it. The HK Premier Series are regarded as the highest quality in cine zooms, and we began using them immediately.” 

One of Pro-Cam’s clients, filmmaker Randall Wood, is currently using the HK Premier 75-400 lens to shoot footage for the documentary project ‘Flyways – the Untold Journey of Migratory Shorebirds’. The film includes the massive bird migration of Queensland’s Great Sandy Straight, part of the Great Sandy Marine Park and Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve. The Strait is one of the largest, most hydrologically diverse and connected passage estuaries in Australia, and an internationally protected feeding ground for migratory birds.

FUJINON Amy Lightbody

Amy Lightbody from Pro-Cam with FUJINON HK 70-400 lens on a Varicam.

“Randall took the new HK Premier 75-400 lens up to the Great Sandy Straight to film the migration. Many of the shots are captured at dawn and dusk, requiring a fast, premium long lens. The HK Premier 75-400 was the ideal choice,” said Ian.

Pro-Cam have worked on corporate video projects for legal clients for over 30 years, also using FUJINON lenses. For example, the Pro-Cam team shoots Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training at the Queensland Law Society with Panasonic LUMIX box cameras and the FUJINON lenses.

Ian said, “We have a similar relationship with the Queensland Bar Association. As part of this arrangement, deGroots Wills and Estates lawyers recently approached us to produce a film on succession law in our studio. This was shot on two Panasonic Varicams, one with the FUJINON 18-55 F2. The second camera used a 19-90 FUJINON Cabrio lens. We then edited the programme in post and played out the recording followed by a live Q&A session.”

FUJINON Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Queensland Symphony Orchestra shot using FUJINON HK Premier and Cabrio lenses.

A short time ago, Pro-Cam used four Varicam 35s and their new HK Premier lenses to shoot a piano competition at the Queensland Concert of music with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Ian said, “Two of the cameras had the HK Premiers and the other two had FUJINON Cabrios. We recorded in 4K and live streamed the switched content in HD to judges all over the world.

“For some time now, the FUJINON lenses have met the expectations of our clients. These lenses are very fast, of exceptional quality and are really one of a kind in the market. Because we do a lot of live work, which means prime lenses are not an option, we still need the quality of primes. Furthermore, we have ten Panasonic Varicams and therefore need a lot of matching glass for talk shows, low light stage plays and concerts. The FUJINON lenses are ideal for these types of productions and come with excellent support and service from FUJIFILM Australia – their team are second to none.” www.fujifilm.com/au