Panasonic’s new Post Focus mode for their Compact System CamerasPanasonic-post-focus5
makes it possible to select the subject within a frame that you wish to
be in focus, after the photo has been taken.

Panasonic LUMIX 4K System Cameras Now Focus in Post

Panasonic’s newPost Focusmode for their DMC-series 4K compact system cameras makes it possible to select the subject within a frame that you wish to be in focus, after the photo has been taken.


For each image you shoot using this mode, Post Focus captures all possible focus points from foreground to background, as well as the usualimage information. Then, as you review the image still in camera, switching on‘post focus play’mode allows you to choose the focus points interactively on the touch screen and save out different, preferred versions. At the same time you can access other adjustment tools such asFocus Peakingand5x magnificationto closely fine-tune an image.
Panasonic-post-focus4  Panasonic-dmc-GX8-LVF1

Useful in situations such asmacro, portraitorfoodphotography, what is most interesting about the new mode is the ability to refine images after a shoot to achieve sharp, accurate focus on one precise area at a time, and then select a preferred shot or shots. At times or places when worthwhile shots are uncertain and fleeting, for example when shootingwildlifeorsports, you can use this mode to capture the image and then decide on one or more effective focus points later on, after the event.


The new mode requires high-speed, high-resolution capture and uses Panasonic’sDepth From Defocus, a precision autofocus setting, combined with the camera’s4K engine, which can record in high resolution at a fast frame rate. It scans and quickly captures all of the focus point information within an image.

A demonstration of how to use ‘Post Focus’ is postedhere. Post Focus mode will be available later in November 2015 as a free software download – initially for theirLUMIX 4K DMC-GX8andDMC-G7 G Seriescameras and theDMC-FZ300compact super zoom - by updating the firmware to version 2.0. Customers in Australia can download the upgrade from 26 November at theLUMIX Global Customer Support Site.

The firmware enabling theDMC-GH4to comply with Post Focus is scheduled for release in early 2016.