The Convergent Design firmware update for the Odyssey line of professionalConvergent-odysseys7qplus-hfr2
monitor recorders makes substantial changes to dual-stream monitoring,
Apple ProRes recording and preset LUTs.

Convergent Design Updates Odyssey7Q+/7Q ProRes 4444 & HD Dual Stream

TheConvergent Design firmware 2015.11update for the Odyssey line of professional monitor recorders makes substantial changes to dual-stream monitoring, Apple ProRes recording and preset LUTs.

HD dual-stream monitoringon the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q now allows you to view two HD video signals while recording one in Apple ProRes HQ, 422 or LT. Both sources must match resolution, frame rate & cadence. LUT functionality is enabled in Dual-stream & multi-stream monitoring as well.

Convergent-odysseys7qplus-hfr2 Convergent-design-odyssey7q

Note that dual-stream recording – viewing and recording two streams simultaneously - will be available as a future firmware update in the Odyssey RAW Bundle. The Apollo option allowing quad-stream monitoring, recording and switching will be available in December 2015.

Apple ProRes 4444andApple ProRes 4444(XQ) recordingonto the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q encompasses 4:4:4 2K and HD video signals in 12-bit and 10-bit as Apple ProRes 4444 or 4444(XQ). This update supports several cameras including Sony’s F3, F5, F23, F35 and F55, the Canon C300mkII C500, Panasonic HPX3100 and others.

You candownloadthe Odyssey Firmware 2015.11here.


Other changes for the 7Q+ are atimecode window overlayoption for SDI and HDMI outputs, theremote triggerfunction is added to all record and playback modes, andlinear timecodeis now in all record modes.

There is also async playbackoption for Apple ProRes 50p/60p. Users have the option to skip every other frame in playback of 50p/60p Apple ProRes files to give real-time playback speed with audio sync.

Convergent-odysseys7qplus-hfr Convergent-design-Odyssey7q-plus

In all of the Odyssey models, aspot meteringexposure meter has been added. Instead of taking several readings all over the subject, the spot meter takes one reading from a very small area of the subject that you want to be recorded as amidtone.Preset LUTshave also been added forCLOG2for theC300 Mark II, and theCanon C500 CLOGandPanasonic V-LogPreset LUTs have been updated and improved.