RCS and Singular Develop Cloud Platform for Targeted, Interactive OTT

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Reality Check Systems, RCS, has taken an equity stake in Singular, a company that has developed a data-driven real-time graphics platform for mobile, web and OTT. As part of the deal, RCS will collaborate with Singular on Singular Live, a further development of their software into a cloud-based platform for creating and delivering personalized, interactive graphics across all types of connected devices. 

Singular Live supports rapid creation, management and deployment of graphics in a dynamic, interactive format for OTT delivery. Content creators can use it to generate a custom experience for each viewer, controlling various factors ranging from language localization to targeted advertising and interactivity. Based on common web standards, the platform has an open, scalable architecture that works on most web-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and smart TVs.

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Singular is anticipating early 2017 for its official release, although RCS has begun beta testing with some of their clients. Personal interests, spending power and geographical location are the kinds of data Singular Live is using to personalize content. The fact that the developers are regarding every OTT subscriber as unique makes targeting content through conventional broadcast and streaming more challenging.

RCS’ and Singular’s expertise in data-driven graphics, software development and cloud database design are critical in overcoming development barriers. They also are using their experience in media production flow design for broadcast projects. www.realitychecksystems.com