Televarpið Deploys ATEME’s Software Converged Video Headend

 ATEME Faroese Telecom1

Faroese Telecom’s Televarpið, the internal telecommunications provider of the Faroe Islands, has set up a new statmux headend to deliver 50 IPTV/OTT and 32 DTT services across the islands, at premium-level HD video quality, plus DVB-T services. To make this change the company has deployed ATEME’s TITAN all-software compression and statistical multiplexing system.

Statistical multiplexing, similar to dynamic bandwidth allocation, divides a communication channel into a number of variable bitrate digital channels, or data streams. Channel-sharing adapts to moment-by-moment traffic demands from whatever data streams are transferred over each channel. This contrasts with setting up a fixed regime of link sharing and, when carried out correctly, statistical multiplexing can improve link utilization.

Statistical multiplexing operates through packet mode communication, which divides each stream into packets that are usually delivered on-the-fly as needed, although they can be made to follow a schedule to establish either equitable, differentiated or guaranteed levels of service. Consequently, statistical multiplexing works well for on-demand services rather than those with pre-allocated resources per data stream.

ATEME Faroese Telecom2

TITAN Live is high density video compression software designed for cable, DTT, DTH, IPTV and OTT. As a VBR, CBR and ABR encoding platform, it can output high quality video at minimum bitrates, from mobile resolutions up to UHDp60, and uses HEVC, H264 and MPEG2 compression. TITAN is a group of applications serving as a distribution system including SDI and IP I/Os, encoder, transcoder, multiplexer, statmux, packager and origin server. With a user interface, management system and diverse set of APIs, TITAN can integrate with most environments.

Running on a commercial off-the-shelf server, TITAN works as a converged headend – that is, bringing together cable and OTT delivery, servicing main and multi-screen applications, and optimizes statistical multiplexing over IP. The system runs on the CPU only, on Linux, Windows and virtual machines. Logo insertion for channel branding is also possible.