Grass Valley & Cisco Support Fast New Options for IP Switches

Grass valley node cisco

Cisco Switches are now available directly through Grass Valley. As part of an integrated commercial off-the-shelf IP approach, the Cisco Nexus 9200 and 9300 kits are supplied with the COTS IP network infrastructure, licenses and support required for all of Grass Valley’s IP-enabled products. Not only do they accelerate and ease installation and setup, they also ensure compatibility with Grass Valley’s IP Broadcast Data Center systems.

Cisco’s IP fabric for media expands and in some cases, replaces traditional baseband video routing in live, news and content distribution applications with an IP-based infrastructure. When combined with Grass Valley’s IP-enabled cameras, servers, production switchers and other endpoint gear, it supports reliable audio, video and ancillary data flows over an IP network.

Grass Valley believes that this media network kit will help make IP more accessible. The company established a strong relationship with Cisco in order to help guide the ongoing development of IP networking solutions for the broadcast and media markets, including support for all the broadcast industry IP open standards. The initial stage of this agreement allows Grass Valley to integrate COTS IP network switches into its systems that are specifically designed for creating zero-drop, non-blocking multicast networks for media.

“IP is a landscape where you see different companies have varying areas of expertise. When innovative companies like Cisco and Grass Valley form strategic alliances to combine their knowledge and solutions, everyone benefits,” said Andres Sintes, senior director of business development at Cisco. As well as the Cisco Switch kits, Grass Valley will be reselling Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) which unifies and automates Cisco Nexus infrastructure for data center management across Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches.

The DCNM server allows close control and monitoring of the IP fabric and will handle complex scenarios of varying flow sizes and multiple spines, while providing an interface to the GV Convergent control system for overarching transparent control of a hybrid SDI/IP network. Grass Valley is demonstrating the integrated solution at NAB 2017.