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Anevia Updates NEA-CDN 4.4 with AWS Support, Acquires Keepixo Compression

Anevia OTT and IPTV software developer, has launched a new version of its NEA-CDN software, created to deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content even during peak viewing times. The new version enables operators to virtualise with a hardware virtual machine-based Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for direct deployment in Amazon Web Services. It also means they can combine aspects of NEA-CDN with those of the Amazon cloud - for example, greater flexibility, scalability and cost-savings.
NEA-CDN operators can build their own CDN within their existing network structure and reduce load on the network by acting as a shield to protect origin servers from multiple requests. NEA-CDN 4.4 can also work with different video qualities, resulting in a smooth transition between each one. As a result, it suits operators deploying hybrid services and can support the most recent television sets delivering Ultra HD at high frame rates.

NEA-CDN 4.4 includes new modules designed to strengthen service and help enforce security. An enhanced conditions management module, for example, has functions defining the complex conditions that trigger actions based on incoming requests, such as request blocking, redirection or transformation. As a result, users can tailor their CDN response based on various combinations of customer location, devices, service requests or URL content.

Security is upgraded with a new token authentication module which enables a layer of content protection against DDoS attacks. Access to a CDN can also be granted through a valid token supplied from the service platform, preventing users from sharing URLs on the internet.

Furthermore, NEA-CDN 4.4 recognises the operator’s need to output video of a consistent quality, even when streamed across multiple screens. Combined with the new conditions management module, NEA-CDN 4.4 performs device aware balancing by tailoring the requested content to the client device. This prevents conflicts between TVs and other devices such as tablets for the highest airways when used concurrently. It prioritises demands from 4K TVs over those from mobile devices and guards the Ultra HD resolution of the TV from dilution caused by demand from a mobile device.

A new operations module makes it possible to modify the incoming request, or the response from the CDN, to improve cache hit ratio, adopt or change requested content or tag IP packets to implement quality of service (QoS) over the network.

Anevia Acquires Video Compression Expert Keepixo

Earlier in March, Anevia announced an agreement to acquire French video compression software expert Keepixo, specialising in video compression for TV operators. Their existing systems, sold to clients including ZDF, Altibox and Media Broadcast, enable live or near-live broadcasts for multi-screen TV. Previously, a strategic partnership between the two companies was announced to utilise this software and supply operators and broadcasters with a single ultra-low-latency delivery system for UHD content in OTT environments.

The acquisition means that Anevia can add a new encoding, transcoding, storage, packaging and delivery system to their services for operators and broadcasters that will comply with new quality standards, such as 4K HDR and HEVC, all under one process.

With this acquisition, Anevia will add Keepixo's Genova ultra-low-latency OTT encoders to its range of OTT delivery software. The recently updated Flamingo head-end will also take advantage of Keepixo's expertise to extend its multiscreen capabilities.

“We are looking ahead to bringing Anevia’s and Keepixo’s existing customers a comprehensive and competitive OTT system. By adding video compression software to our capabilities, we’re also able to start looking at our next steps, which include live event OTT delivery - such as latency and peak management - as well as Just-In-Time Transcoding for CloudDVR and Edge Transcoding for future CDNs,” said Damien Lucas, CTO and co-founder of Anevia.