Harmonic and Veygo Develop Complete OTT Software-as-a-Service

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Harmonic and Veygo have developed a complete SaaS product for OTT video delivery. Veygo's Meta Video Player for content and subscriber management, secure player, analytics and applications, have been integrated with Harmonic's Electra media processor and VOS 360 media processing SaaS, resulting in a cloud-based, pay-as-you-grow system that speeds up the time to market for OTT content and services. The combined Veygo-Harmonic service has been deployed successfully by Indonesian streaming provider AMTV for its new top-of-the-line multiscreen service.

"OTT service providers are now focussed on achieving a competitive quality of experience to reach end-users on whatever screen they wish to watch," said Jean-Christophe Perier, founder and CEO at Veygo. "The notable factor behind our SaaS with Harmonic is an off-the-shelf application combined with real-time analytics. This supports continuous QoE monitoring and personalization capabilities, so that multiscreen service providers gain some level of control over user engagement and retention."

Harmonic DS VOS 360

Harmonic's VOS 360 SaaS is accessed over any public cloud and handles the media processing chain from ingest to playout, compression, packaging and OTT delivery for both live and on-demand content. As a cloud-based system, it affords video content and service providers agility and scalability, which are critical in the OTT environment where operators need to be responsive. This includes live, time-shift, cloud DVR and VOD streaming services supplied directly to consumers.

OTT services can be scaled up and down based on actual needs, a capability that is particularly useful for managing ad-hoc events. Pay-as-you-go pricing alters the economics of OTT content delivery significantly. The VOS 360 service is continuously maintained and operated by Harmonic, making it possible to prepare and deliver content from anywhere in the world with resiliency and geographic redundancy.

"The workflow integration between the component Veygo and Harmonic systems is absolutely direct," said Aldo Bon Suriasantika, COO at AMTV Media. "Working with two specialists in their respective fields - Veygo for data-driven user experience and Harmonic for cloud-based media processing - allows us to focus on the content and marketing aspects of our new multiscreen business, leaving the technical side and content delivery to the developers."

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"A typical situation for content providers is when there is a need to swiftly launch an OTT service without having the time or the resources to integrate products and systems from multiple vendors and validate a platform," said Tony Berthaud, Vice President of Sales, APAC, at Harmonic. "Harmonic's open architecture philosophy and range of pre-integrated system partners intends to help make that process less complicated, allowing opportunities for innovations such as low-latency OTT delivery via the new CMAF [common media format for segmented media] specification."

Harmonic will show Electra and VOS at the 2018 NAB Show, 9-12 April, in Las Vegas. www.harmonicinc.com