Broadpeak and NexStreaming Join on OTT Multiscreen Delivery


Broadpeak BkS350 origin server, BkS400 video cache server and BkA100 analytics tool have been integrated with the NexStreamingNexPlayer SDK to improve OTT multiscreen delivery. As an end-to-end system that includes Broadpeak's server, CDN analytics and the NexPlayer SDK, pay-TV operators can use this integration to control and refine the quality of experience for subscribers on all screens that their content reaches.


Broadpeak's video server and analytics are built to form a complete video delivery chain for pay-TV operators, simplifying OTT multiscreen operations. Video is packaged using HLS or the MPEG-DASH ABR standard and protected with DRM, to ensure the quality and security of the end-user experience across devices. After being stored on Broadpeak's BkS350 origin server, video is then streamed to devices via the BkS400 cache server and played out on the NexPlayer SDK.

Included in this system is Broadpeak's BkA100 analytics system which gives operators the means to look for the root causes of video delivery issues, supplying feedback about the process at the delivery system – that is, servers and network - and player levels. The BkA100 can also ingest information from third-party CDNs that may be used by operators for offload for scalability, fail-over for redundancy or extension reach scenarios, as a single point of display for all analytics information.

Broadpeak-nexplayer  Broadpeak-nexplayer3a

Through Broadpeak BkA100 Analytics, operators and content providers using NexPlayer SDK video players can get QoE feedback based on various metrics. Metrics include start-up time noting whether a video starts instantly or takes more than a few seconds to be launched, the number and duration of frozen video events, displayed video profile such as the bitrate connected to a type of screen, completion rate of content showing the percentage of content that has actually been watched, and errors due to different factors such as encoding, the network, content rights and so on. This feedback is valuable because it enables operators to investigate the root causes of issues.

NexStreaming's NexPlayer SDK supports MPEG-DASH, HSL and the major DRM systems including Playready and Widevine, easing integraton into Android applications and outputting secure HD video quality on Android phones, tablets, STBs and TV sets.