Harmonic’s AI-Driven Analytics and Service Planning Support Cable Operators

Harmonic CableOS Core CMTS2

Harmonic CableOS Central is a new AI-enabled service that employs data analytics to extend the functionality of Harmonic’s CableOS virtualised CMTS system. CableOS Central is an intelligent, customisable way for operators to proactively identify and address technical issues and network capacity opportunities, thereby controlling the quality of their internet, voice and video services.

CableOS software performs all CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) functions including control, management and forwarding of IP traffic across the cable access network. Cable operators can use CableOS to run at multiple-gigabit broadband capacity while simultaneously keeping their space and power requirements as low as possible.

Harmonic notes that cable operators are continuing to develop and market scalable gigabit broadband for the supply of entertainment, business and home-security service, and need to make their quality of service competitive. CableOS Central uses the network performance data Harmonic’s platform compiles to predict and address problems before they begin to affect customers and users.

Harmonic CableOS Core CMTS

Harmonic’s CableOS Central service is composed of three contributing services - Data Analytics, Operations and Engagement Portal.

CableOS Central Data Analytics continuously collects, synthesises and presents network data through a set of real-time dashboards, smart alerts and notifications to give operators across the service they are delivering. Instead of only periodically periodically report the health of a selection of elements of the network, the CableOS platform generates real-time data spanning the network physical layer, from data centre servers to remote devices, access network performance parameters and application traffic patterns.

Once this data is available, CableOS Central Operations makes use of a team of cable access and networking specialists working 24 hours a day, supported by a set of AI tools. This team complements operators’ existing network operations centres with continuous data analysis from CableOS Central Data Analytics (above), detecting and diagnosing issues, predicting future problems and assisting with configurations and upgrades.

Operators located around the world can quickly contact and work directly with Harmonic through the CableOS Central Engagement Portal. It is a connected platform that makes tools for case planning and event management available to operators. These include calendars, software downloads and product and deployment documentation.  www.harmonicinc.com