TV 2 Virtualises Support and IP Network Monitoring at Nevion’s SOC

Nevion SOC TV2a

Nevion's Service Operations Centre

TV 2, the largest commercial television broadcaster in Norway, recently chose to virtualize the support and monitoring of its IP media network operations and focus on its own core-competencies, including content creation. They are now using Nevion’s Service Operations Centre (SOC) in Gdańsk, Poland to establish proactive support and services.

Nevion launched its SOC in September 2018, in response to the growing demand from broadcasters for assistance with the day-to-day management of their media network systems. Having moved to IP production in 2017 with Nevion’s help, TV 2 initially chose Nevion’s remote services because they were interested in using the expertise and experience of the SOC’s staff. When the COVID-19 crisis developed, their decision to virtualise support and monitoring turned out to be essential, as very few staff would have been able to work on-site to maintain the network.

The SOC is now Nevion’s main operational unit for handling 1st line remote support, and backs its 2nd and 3rd line support teams around the world. The SOC also performs proactive remote monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting services – effectively managing the health of a customer’s media network on their behalf.

Nevion SOC TV2b

TV2 Sports

To support and augment their work, Nevion’s SOC supplies a catalogue of standard reports to customers, so that they too can analyze trends, and monitor system performance and network activities.

Terje Amundsen, Head of Content Technology, TV 2 said, “We were an early mover to IP in the facilities, which has given us a chance to gain flexibility in our production. As a broadcaster, however, we need to concentrate our resources and efforts on the creation and delivery of compelling programming for our viewers, so it made sense to use Nevion’s experts to monitor and support our IP media network.

“The SOC has enabled us to identify and fix potential issues before they have occurred, for example, which has been very valuable to us. And of course, during the COVID-19 lockdown, having Nevion looking after our IP media network remotely has made our task of adapting to the new situation much easier.”