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Haivision has announced an agreement to acquire AVIWEST, stating that the acquisition will give Haivision a comprehensive video contribution portfolio to address the growing demand for live, high-quality video content in broadcast, sports and live event production.

This acquisition by Haivision, specialists in real-time video streaming and networking, will combine two low latency video contribution providers. Haivision is a vendor for low latency wired broadcast video networks; AVIWEST is a vendor for low latency wireless broadcast video networks. The acquisition will bring mobile networking (5G/4G cellular) and dedicated network bonding capabilities to Haivision’s portfolio.

Combined with AVIWEST, Haivision aims to be able to meet the low latency broadcast requirements for most live events. The company will be positioned for low latency video contribution over fixed and mobile networks, and to deliver synchronized streams serving remote and cloud production workflows.

Founded in 2008, AVIWEST develops mobile IP-based video contribution systems and is a pioneer in transmission of live video over cellular networks. The company has a history of innovation including world firsts such as portable cellular video transmission, live video transmission over a 4G network implementing QoS, and live 4K video transmission over a 5G network.

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AVIWEST has also received two Emmy Awards for its SST (Safe Streams Transport) networking system for reliable transmission of video over bonded networks, which will now be incorporated across Haivision’s products along with Haivision’s SRT.

Globally, broadcasters, television stations and production houses deploy AVIWEST systems in their day-to-day coverage of sporting and other live events. AVIWEST products are also used extensively to support major international sporting events. Headquartered in Rennes (Saint-Grégoire), France, AVIWEST has about 70 employees with global field operations.

“The systems that Haivision and AVIWEST develop together will bring customers greater live video flexibility with ultra-low latency, highly reliable network connectivity and preserved video quality,” said Ronan Poullaouec, CTO and Co-Founder of Aviwest. “With sub-200ms glass-to-glass latency over 5G networks, broadcasters have more options for contributing real-time content for premium live events and sports coverage, changing the nature of remote production workflows.”   www.haivision.com