Bitmovin Streaming player

Bitmovin has developed an automated stream testing system called Stream Lab that, with the Bitmovin Player, gives users the ability to test and guarantee the quality of experience for audiences across multiple devices and platforms.
Bitmovin says they created Stream Lab to address the challenge of device fragmentation, which becomes an issue when the differences between devices, platforms, browsers and so on can no longer be handled by one interoperable framework. As creating content once and delivering it to run anywhere has become more difficult, Stream Lab helps companies support a larger number of consumer devices and streaming platforms, while continuing to meet consumer demand for superior quality video experiences on any screen.

Many viewers are still watching content across multiple generations and different types of Smart TVs. Using Stream Lab, a development team can test their streams in real environments on physical devices and receive transparent reporting with clear performance feedback. With pre-set test cases created by Bitmovin’s video specialialists, developers gain access to testing on older and newer generations of devices and platforms, including Samsung, LG, major web browsers and others. 

Bitmovin streamlab devices listed

Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin said, “The large number of devices entering the market creates a need for automated testing for the video streaming industry. Stream Lab supports a wide range of physical devices and platforms spanning multiple generations, which simplifies the video delivery process and makes it possible to ensure the quality of playback on viewers’ screens.”

Most of the main streaming services support at least 24 devices across 12 different platforms, and the cost of supporting new and older devices continues to rise. Stream Lab can preserve ROI by saving companies time, money and development resources while making sure audiences have access to high-quality playback.

Stephen said, “The average household uses more than four devices, and viewers expect a consistent, high quality experience on each one. New devices continue to come online while older ones remain in use. Solving the issue of fragmentation is critical to subscriber retention and to maintaining the integrity of services – two of the biggest challenges facing the industry right now.”

To see a demo of Stream Lab in person, visit Bitmovin at NAB Show in Las Vegas, 23-27 April.