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Imagine Communications has developed a new connection for cloud/ground hybrid workflows called Magellan Connect, a cloud-routing extension of its Magellan Control System. It creates a complete routing environment that can be used for simple routing to connect signals ― regardless of whether they originate or terminate on-premises or in the cloud.

As television operations teams consider using cloud-based approaches to augment their traditional on-premises solutions ― whether for disaster recovery or for operational capability expansion ― live-signal connectivity needs to be addressed. Magellan Connect handles this issue directly, giving users the same kinds of critical signal-management capability, through the same kinds of operational tools and interfaces, regardless of whether the channel is running on the ground or in the cloud.

Already in wide use for facility routing, Imagine’s Magellan Control System is compatible with SDI, SMPTE ST 2110, VSF TR-08 JPEG XS and MPEG-2 TS signals. Magellan Connect extends these capabilities to the cloud, incorporating intelligent path-sharing and switching functions so that operationally, the cloud and ground act the same and have access to the same sources and destinations.

Imagine magellan connect

“Imagine notes that the ability to mix ground and cloud depends on individual economic and operational considerations,” said John Mailhot, CTO of Infrastructure, Imagine Communications. Magellan Connect is intended as a way for users to take advantage of a combined on-premises and cloud environment, maintain a consistent operational approach and transition at a pace that works with their business.

Magellan Connect has capabilities that work with the infrastructure of cloud-based channel origination systems, giving master control operators access to the same scope of source signals no matter where the channel is running. Following the traditional routing paradigm, Magellan Connect gives users a simple source-to-destination ‘take’ operating method to deliver the right signal to the right place – ground or cloud or hybrid – using established encoding and secure delivery techniques for signal transport along the ground and/or cloud signal path.

At IBC2023, Imagine will demonstrate Magellan Connect as part of its overall integrated playout environment demonstration, routing live input signals to the inputs of cloud-hosted channel engines.

John said, “While the optimal mix of ground and cloud services may be different for any given customer, it is clear that operational flexibility is the main benefit of cloud migration. Magellan Connect can bring this flexibility to signal management – connecting sources and destinations in a consistent, familiar operational paradigm across ground, cloud and mixed scenarios.”