Now available on Microsoft Azure, owners and distributors can useUnified-streaming-Students3
Unified Streaming’s Unified Origin software to stream content from
a single unified source to multiple clients and devices.

Unified Streaming Expands Availability in the Cloud through Azure

Unified Originsoftware fromUnified Streamingis now available on Microsoft Azure, where media owners and distributors can use it to stream content from a single unified source to multiple clients and devices.

Unified Streaming says they took this step as more companies choose not to commit to a certain set-up for a long time in order to beflexible, keep ashort time-to-marketand becost-effective. By using Azure, users are able to reach a bigger variety of customers through Unified Origin. Placing it within Azure has also made it easier to use and more accessible both financially and from a technical point of view. 


Unified Origin wraps the platform specific systems available forMPEG-DASH, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic StreamingandMicrosoft Smooth Streaming- into one. Because this process happens on the fly, it prevents massive storage needs. By combining it with Azure storage and Azure Virtual Machines, companies can create a set-up that can be scaled for use on an on-demand basis.

DRM support includes Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine and Fairplay, and as new formats and DRM varieties are developed, they can be integrated into Unified Origin. Companies do not have to re-encode their entire catalogue when a new format or device enters the market.

Presentations 2GO - Interactive Rich Media

Presentations 2GO, a specialist in interactive rich media focussing on online education, is now working with Unified Streaming to create a system for recording and capturing of live events, management of content and metadata and multi platform streaming to any device or campus worldwide.


Presentations2Go started eight years ago as a tool to broadcast graduation ceremonies on the internet, so families of foreign students were able to join the event online. Over the years this product has evolved into a multi streaming platform used to bring live video streaming and video on demand of lectures, classes and events within anyone’s reach. The aim is to improve student engagement and retention and make it possible to follow a complete Masters degree of study online from any location, at any time.
“We decided to use Unified Streaming’s software for itsAdaptive Bitrate Streamingsupport like MPEG- DASH and ease of integration,” said Hendrik Klompmaker, CTO of Presentations 2Go. The software carries out on-the-fly packaging to all formats including MPEG DASH with or without DRM protection. The adaptive bitrate streaming means that video dynamically adapts to network conditions and video rendering performance. Therefore, viewers meeting the minimum bitrate/CPU requirements will experience no buffering or stuttering, and content will be able to reach a larger audience. The lack of massive storage needs will also make the service more cost efficient.
Starting from September 2015 theUniversity of Wageningenin The Netherlands is using Presentations 2GO to offer two completeMaster Programs onlinemaking it possible for students all over the world to join these programs.