BoinxTV has integrated their broadcast production system with productionBoinxtv-atem
switchers from Blackmagic Design. Users can control ATEM switcher feeds
from directly within BoinxTV.

BoinxTV Integrates & Controls Blackmagic ATEM Switchers

BoinxTV has integrated their broadcast production system with production switchers from Blackmagic Design, making it possible for users to control ATEM switcher feeds from directly within BoinxTV.

If users need to switch more cameras than their Macs supports, it is now possible to use an external switcher to do the work and use the program output in BoinxTV for further processing. The Blackmagic Design ATEM Switchers, which can switch between up to four HDMI or SDI inputs, can now be controlled from directly within BoinxTV with theBoinxTV ATEM Switcher Controller.

BoinxTVis a Mac-based production system used to combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds and audio to create recordings and stream live presentations, podcasts, concerts, sporting events and other broadcasts.


The new integration, which includes the ATEM Television Studio and ATEM Production Studio 4K, was developed through the Blackmagic DesignATEM SDK, so that users can control the ATEM switcher from directly within BoinxTV. In effect, as many as eight switchable video inputs, including cameras, can be controlled from a BoinxTV set-up. Users can also offload to the ATEM the computing power required to switch between multiple sources.

Theoverall production performanceis improved as well due to the ATEM, which is able to output higher resolutions and better graphics compared to BoinxTV’s existing capabilities. Conversely, ATEM users are now able to expand the graphics and titling options in their production setup by adding BoinxTV to their workflows.

Boinx Software’s video specialistBastian Wölflesaid, “By using the ATEM SDK, we were able to replicate almost the same control surface functionality of the ATEM’s Software Control inside of BoinxTV, removing the need for a separate ATEM controller console. This also shifts much of the heavy source switching work onto the ATEM switcher, leaving BoinxTV with more computing power to devote to the rest of the workflow, increasing speed and the effectiveness of the graphics.”

To sync an ATEM switcher with BoinxTV, broadcasters first set up the switcher with their various camera inputs. The program and optional multiview outputs are fed through anHDMI or SDIcapture device into the computer running BoinxTV.

The new ATEM controls that become available in BoinxTV, using an add-on layer, will be familiar to ATEM Software Control users. After setting custom presets, such as transitions, users can exit ATEM and manage all controls directly from the BoinxTV interface, using conventional keystrokes to set keyboard controls and determine cuts and transitions.  A tutorial of the complete procedure can be seenhere.