Akamai has released research that shows companies are increasinglyAkamai-aqua-web3
transitioning to delivering and consuming professional applications via
the Internet.

Companies Expect to Move More Applications to the Cloud in 2015

Akamaihas released research that shows companies are increasingly transitioning to delivering and consuming professional applications via the Internet. Although 50 per cent of respondentsreportrunning less than 20 per cent of their business applications over the Internet today, 43 per cent expect to deliver the majority of their applications over the Internet in the next year.

The survey,‘Trends in Application Delivery Strategies’, was conducted by Gatepoint Research on Akamai's behalf earlier this year and polled 350 enterprise IT decision makers. The participants come from a variety of industries, including business and financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications and transportation. Nearly half, 46 per cent, ofrespondentsrepresent global enterprises, with more than one-fifth of users operating outside of the US.

In addition to providing insight into how quickly enterprises plan to move applications to the Internet, the survey also highlights related concerns. For example,securityremains the top concern for respondents, 87 per cent. Further, 66 per cent worry aboutperformanceand 45 per cent are concerned aboutreliability.

The most common applications currently running over the Internet arewebsitesandweb applicationsat 71 per cent,email serviceswith 57 per cent,contentandcollaborationsites and portals at 51 per cent,mobileormobile webback-end apps at 46 per cent, ande-Learningwith 47 per cent.


In terms of planned investment, big data is the primary focus for respondents, with 55 per cent saying it's their top area of investment in 2014. Oher key areas of investment in 2014 for respondents include mobile or mobile web back-end apps, websites or web applications, content and collaboration sites and portals, disaster recovery and backup services, and customer relationships.

Alongside the trend, companies like Akamai run web performance and web security systems that help enterprises reach and work with customers and employees with personalised online experiences that are intended to increase productivity, grow revenue and reduce costs.  www.akamai.com