The Riedel STX-200 broadcast interface brings Skype users into theRiedel-skype2
broadcast environment, as a single-box system allowing broadcasts to
include reporters and viewers in live programming.

Riedel and Microsoft Bring Skype to Live Broadcast & Production

The Riedel Communications STX-200 broadcast interface brings Skype users into the professional broadcast environment, working as a single-box system that allows broadcasters to include reporters and viewers in live programming.

Licensed by Microsoft, the STX-200 serves as a stand-alone broadcast-quality device that uses Skype to bring live content directly from reporters to the on-air production. It also integrates Skype into Riedel’s intercom systems to handle diverse applications and workflows. The unit comprises HD-SDI and balanced XLR audio I/Os and is packaged with Microsoft Skype TX software, with management for remote management and monitoring of Skype calls.
According to Riedel this collaboration with Microsoft opens up the use of a large volume of new content, and can help change the way broadcasters interact and engage with their viewers. Broadcasters now have live access to quality video from over 300 million regular Skype users around the world.

The STX-200 broadcast-grade hardware consists of video interfaces including a SD/HD SDI input and output with a sync input. The unit’s audio interfaces include a two-channel balanced analog audio XLR input and output, plus SDI embedded audio. Built into housing to withstand live production environments, the STX-200 has a Gigabit Ethernet connection, a user-interface connection via HDMI, USB ports for accessories, and general purpose interfaces.