ATEME’s TITAN video-processing is now integrated into Cerberus Tech’s Livelink IP delivery platform supporting customisable, live delivery services across multiple clouds.

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Cerberus Tech and ATEME have integrated ATEME’s TITAN video-processing into Cerberus Tech’s Livelink IP delivery platform. Cerberus needed an approach transcoding that wasn’t linked to a specific cloud provider. TITAN supports customisable, live delivery services across multiple clouds.

The Livelink platform operates as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), aiming to reduce the cost of contribution by allowing broadcasters to self-manage IP feeds, from any location to any destination. Livelink users can transport live linear and OTT content from point-to-point or multi-point. The service combines a protocol-agnostic, multi-cloud compatible infrastructure, capable of moving high quality IP feeds within a one second delay globally, which is facilitated by a network of technical partners like ATEME.

Content Control

Livelink is mainly concerned with efficient use of resources and keeping customers in control of content availability, routing and scheduling. Due to the high-pressure, unpredictable nature of live events, Cerberus developed Livelink to adapt to changing circumstances, giving it the responsiveness and scalability of a cloud platform with the reliability of IP circuits.

Also, it can be set up in a few minutes and does not require a physical infrastructure such as satellite trucks. Cost is handled in a similar way – users build out their infrastructure when it is required and only pay for what they will use.


ATEME develops and supplies video delivery systems for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT. TITAN is a high-density video-processing system designed for all content formats, preserving media quality and delivering content for contribution, distribution and OTT. It also lowers infrastructure costs and increases sustainability by minimising energy consumption.

Transcoding Options

Independently, TITAN is a complete software suite with an encoder, transcoder, multiplexer, statmux, packager and origin that can be deployed for entire head-ends. It uses ATEME’s STREAM compression engine to deliver high video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing. However, for ease-of-use within Livelink, customers have access to a curated set of transcoding options that support most broadcasting use cases.

These include TITAN software-based live transcoding, packaging and origin capabilities, which have been directly integrated into the Livelink interface and can be deployed on each broadcaster’s preferred cloud provider. Beyond delivery of high-quality images, TITAN supports processing multiple audio channels, which is essential for live sporting events with commentary and effects and also the carriage of data services.

It also supports up to date content protection, including BISS-CA and various watermarking techniques. The BISS-CA interoperable conditional-access encryption standard the EBU developed with ATEME and other network equipment vendors for use on most types of production equipment – encoders/decoders to multiplexers and transcoders – to transmit high value content securely.

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Damien Lucas, CPO at ATEME said, “To be truly multi-cloud, Cerberus Tech needed a transcoding solution that wasn’t intrinsically built into a specific cloud provider. TITAN met this need, offering the flexibility that Livelink customers have come to expect, by supporting multi-cloud, live delivery services that can be easily customised.”

CEO Chris Clarke at Cerberus Tech said, “Cerberus Tech has been a partner and customer of ATEME for five years. We are pleased continue our existing partnership with a direct TITAN transcoding integration to our Livelink customers. ATEME plays a valuable role in our interoperable partner network with TITAN’s multi-tool encoding integration for our agnostic infrastructure.”