Sony and TVU Networks IP-connected devices are now interoperable with Avid MediaCentral | Stream to use as live stream sources from any location for news and remote live production.

Avid media central stream tvu sony

Sony and TVU Networks IP-connected devices are now interoperable with Avid MediaCentral | Stream software, to use as live stream sources from all locations for news and remote live production workflows. In effect, this update expands the range of journalists, producers and other production resources who can contribute live streams, using any device, and opens the MediaCentral platform to contributions over IP from sources anywhere.

Production teams can use MediaCentral | Stream to ingest multiple incoming IP streams in on-premises and cloud-based scenarios, without changing or interrupting their existing workflows. Users preview incoming IP streams, record them in production-ready formats or edit an incoming stream at the same time as recording it, to create stories for digital distribution and linear broadcast.

Teams can establish secure, reliable contribution, with encryption and authentication processes, from a camera, encoder or mobile device running SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) or RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). Suitable devices now include products from Sony and TVU Networks as well as those from Haivision, Teradek, LiveU and other third parties.

Avid media central stream tvu sony2

“As Avid customers continue to use Sony and TVU in the field, we can promote their productions through interoperability,” Raul Alba, Director of Solutions Marketing, Media and Cloud at Avid said. “We have taken an open approach based on common protocols, with a strategy to add more in the future, making it possible to stream content from more contributors into live productions.”

Martin Lindsay, Product Manager at Sony, said the company wanted to help production teams simplify the many complex processes involved in remote IP contributions. "From Sony's network connected camcorders, RTMP streams can deliver content into the Avid MediaCentral | Stream environment, directly and securely,” he said.

“As Covid-19 is still widespread, we’ll surely continue to see crews lending their talents remotely,” said Paul Shen, CEO at TVU Networks. “We believe that a data-driven media supply chain is what broadcasters need in order to serve their audiences on all platforms. This integration allows TVU and Avid to not only reliably deliver raw material in real-time, but to deliver it with the metadata our clients need to reinvent their workflows.”  MediaCentral | Stream is available with a MediaCentral subscription.