Bitmovin’s Live Event Encoder brings options to improve live stream quality by optimising Live to VOD workflows via a web-based UI that manages live streams from any device and location.

Bitmovin complexity comparison2

Per-title Encoding - complex scenes with motion and textures require higher bitrates than scenes with less movement.

Bitmovin’s Live Event Encoder gives developers options to improve the quality of live streams by optimising Live to VOD workflows, and makes sure live streams are available for on-demand playback immediately after the stream has ended. It is cloud agnostic, and runs in any cloud environment without obliging users to adopt one vendor’s infrastructure to maintain video encoding workflows.

Cedric Monnier is CEO of OKAST, a cloud-based SaaS business that eases access to Live, VOD and FAST distribution and monetisation services to content creators, producers and distributors. “Our customers view live streaming capabilities as essential,” he said. “Live generates a level of interactivity and engagement with their audiences that’s just not possible with other content types. We chose Bitmovin’s Live Event Encoder because we have found it to be the most resilient product on the market, helping our users to build more meaningful relationships with viewers and maximise the reach of their content among new audiences.”

The encoder’s user experience is focussed on a web-based interface that developers can use to manage live streams from any device and location, and includes a comprehensive API for custom application integrations. Its control and monitoring tools and notification alerts help determine errors in real-time. It also supports redundant RTMP, SRT, Zixi inputs and Digital Rights Management for content protection. 

Bitmovin complexity comparison2

“Live streaming methods have advanced quickly in recent years. However, too many live streams have an unacceptable image and audio quality,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin. “Our Live Event Encoder makes it possible for developers to guarantee delivery of live streams with a high quality of experience.”

Bitmovin has started to build on its Per-Title Encoding technique for VOD, in order to optimize its functionality for Live streaming, intending to apply it to the Live Event Encoder.  Per-Title Encoding customises the bitrate ladder of each video based on the complexity of the video file itself. The encoding ladder defines the set of configurations used to make live and VOD videos available over a range of data rates and resolutions for display on various devices over different connection speeds.

Per-Title for Live will help developers deliver optimum image quality over live bandwidths in a live environment. Its ultimate goal is to select a bitrate that enables the video codec to encapsulate enough information to present the best viewing experience by compressing the data, without impacting the viewer’s perceived quality of