Bitmovin Playback embeds video playback into mobile and web applications, with automated device testing and optimisations to help developers improve viewing experience quality.

Bitmovin player

Bitmovin Player

Bitmovin Playback is a new video streaming infrastructure used to embed video playback into mobile, web and big screen applications. It is a combination of Bitmovin’s player, analytics and stream lab products, and includes automated device testing and optimisations that help application developers improve the quality of their viewing experiences.

Application developers are challenged when they need to optimise video playback but lack sufficient insights into performance or quality issues. Currently, the analytics available to developers during development and production is fairly limited, which means optimisation occurs mainly through trial and error.

“Our goal with Playback is to make it more straightforward for developers to build reliable, high quality playback into their applications,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin. “Developers now need to support playback on tens of devices, with thousands of configuration possibilities. Our system makes it simple for developers to embed video playback with confidence and, in turn, be certain that their viewers will have a great experience.”

Player plus Analytics

Bitmoving analytics

Bitmoving Analytics

Bitmovin Playback has an embeddable video player that is pre-tested and optimised for most types of video streaming device. Once deployed, Playback's integrated video analytics assess the viewing experience and allows streaming services to optimise playback based on actual conditions. 

Bitmovin Analytics collects troubleshooting data across the video chain – the player, CDN, ad servers and so on -- and visualises where issues arise. Real-time information can be aggregated across many users, or carried through on a per-user level.

Beyond technical quality measurement, rich content performance data can be collected to assess creative performance, combined with segmentation by device, geography or metadata supplied through the CMS. User-based data parameters can also be defined with Bitmovin Analytics custom data fields.

Fast Feedback Loop

With the combined player and analytics tools, Bitmovin Playback makes diagnosing problems and pushing new configurations, like those associated with Digital Rights Management, to viewers quicker and more efficient. Playback issues and errors are exposed to developers, with automated testing allowing changes to be validated prior to deployment.

This fast feedback loop between testing, deploying and optimising allows developers to improve on the experience they deliver to viewers, and leaves them with more time to work on new feature development.