Brazilian operator NxTV is launching new FAST channels to bring personalised video streaming experiences to viewers, using Broadpeak’s targeted advertising to monetise the channels.

Broadpeak Ad Insertion

Brazilian operator NxTV is launching new free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels as a way to bring more personalised video streaming experiences to viewers, and using targeted advertising to monetise the channels. To simplify the delivery of targeted ads, NxTV is making use of a dynamic ad insertion (DAI) application on - Broadpeak’s software as a service (SaaS) platform.

With a server-side ad insertion (SSAI) approach, Broadpeak’s software helps to simplify the ad placement process and shorten time to market, which is critical for breaking into the FAST market. For server-side ads, the ad requests do not originate from the browser or application, but as native ads integrated directly into the feed.

Sérgio Macera, CEO at NxTV said, “We chose to partner with Broadpeak for dynamic ad insertion due to the company’s expertise in video streaming and local support. Broadpeak’s SSAI solution is based on a SaaS business model, making it flexible, cost-efficient and fast to deploy. We are now among the first video platforms in Brazil to offer FAST channels.”

NxTV now operates ten FAST channels on its SoPlay video streaming service in Sao Paolo. Broadpeak’s fully managed, API-based SaaS handles the delivery of targeted advertising in live and VOD streaming content. The SSAI system is pre-integrated with all major ad servers on the market, which has reduced the launch time for NxTV’s targeted ad streaming services, speeding up content monetization. DAI as a service also gives visibility into the advertising platform, improving data-based observability and robust security.

Broadpeak Ad Insertion 3

Users integrate their streams with Broadpeak’s platform. Ad placements can be targeted based on user behaviour and preferences, replacing existing ads with more relevant ones during live TV streaming or inserting ads during on-demand streaming at pre-, mid- and post-roll. Broadpeak ensures ad impressions align with insertion orders and gives real-time alerts and notifications.

“Delivering targeted ads can be complex, but it’s a necessity for successfully monetizing video streaming content,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “The flexibility of our platform, in terms of connecting to an array of different ad decision servers and supply-side platforms, was an important feature for NxTV to help boost their monetization options.”