Dalet and Veritone have partnered to integrate the Dalet Flex media workflow software with Veritone’s AI-based Digital Media Hub, designed with commerce and monetisation capabilities.

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Dalet and Veritone have formed a technology partnership that integrates the Dalet Flex media workflow software with Veritone’s AI-based Digital Media Hub, designed with commerce and monetisation capabilities.

Dalet is a systems and services provider for media organisations. Veritone’s AI platform aiWARE controls a collection of machine learning models that generates actionable information from data sources.

The integration is the basis of a workflow for media, sports and entertainment customers aiming to monetise their digital media archives. The workflow starts from content creation and carries on through production, curation, packaging and distribution.
“As content consumption rapidly grows, and organisations with media archives seek new ways to bring in additional revenue streams, monetising media archives and assets is now a key step,” said Carl Farrell, CEO and Board Member of Dalet. “Through the combination of Dalet and Veritone, customers can upgrade their monetisation initiatives, exposing and licensing their assets quickly, securely and with a high level of control.”
The Dalet and Veritone referral partnership (in which each of two businesses agree to promote and refer customers to each other) is developed with options for media and entertainment companies to take better advantage of the return on investment of their content assets, in order to generate new revenue streams. Secure, scalable and robust, the system can be used to automatically deliver content to partners while remaining in control of the organisation’s content catalogue.

Cloud Native Tools

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Veritone - using AI in video asset management.

Among its features is a cloud-native ecosystem of tools with which a company can produce, manage, distribute, transact and monetise digital media content and archives. Key functionality is its rich metadata management, capable of driving exposure to the content catalogue, and automated publishing based on business rules.

It’s also possible to implement branded digital marketplaces, setting up a familiar content shopping experience for B2B clients, partners and affiliates. Users can make customisable B2B portals available, flexible business models and monetisation and granular searches based on extensive metadata, including timecodes.

Commenting on Veritone’s use of AI to efficiently organise, manage and monetise content, Sean King, SVP and GM at Veritone, said that Veritone and Dalet have a common commitment to exposing the potential of digital content. The company is pleased to make the monetisation capabilities of its Digital Media Hub available on Dalet’s platform and open new revenue opportunities to their customer base.
A demonstration of the integration will be available at the 2023 NAB Show in April. www.veritone.com