LFP uses Dalet Flex to automate processing and delivery of match highlights to digital channels, take advantage of monetisation opportunities, and control and manage their content.

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Dalet Flex

Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) is the French governing body responsible for overseeing, organising and managing the top two football leagues in France, Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT, and the 44 professional football clubs that contest the titles. Part of its charter is to produce weekly highlight videos for the clubs’ more than 100 matches.

LFP is using cloud-based software to prepare and deliver the league match highlights to fans via digital channels. Using Dalet Flex, a cloud-native media logistics platform, LFP can accelerate their operations by automating ingest, preparation and publishing of the match highlight videos to YouTube and Dailymotion. This series of processes has usually been quite time-consuming. As well as working faster, with Dalet Flex’s production tools LFP can take advantage of new monetisation opportunities such as distributing some of the highlight videos from the LFP website as paid-for freemium content.

New Approach

LFP’s Chief Information Officer, Olivier Imbert, said, “Given the workload of our team and the large amount of video we’re dealing with, we needed a new content management approach. Dalet Flex automates the routine ingest and publishing process so our team can refocus their time on assessing fan consumption patterns, for example, and developing new content revenue options. Within a few months, Dalet Flex has become a tool the whole LFP team has a use for.”

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AC Ajaccio vs Toulouse FC, Ligue 2 BKT

LFP must adhere to a tight publishing schedule. Broadcast rights holders air live or near-live content from the weekend matches over the period from Friday night to Sunday night. On Monday, the content rights revert back to the LFP, who then use Dalet Flex to rapidly publish the match highlights. Dalet Flex oversees content delivery by making sure playlist information and metadata, including mapping from XML to asset metadata, is accurate and consistent. This processing simplifies the preparation and distribution of content to LFP’s digital properties, allowing fans to view match highlights on any device.

Taking Control

“Sports teams, leagues and federations are now interested in controlling their own content, and are becoming sports media organisations in order to do this,” said Massoud Razzani, Sales Account Manager, Dalet. “Aware of gaps in their workflow management, process automation and integration between tools, the Ligue de Football Professionnel were finding it challenging and expensive to deliver the large amounts of content fans now expect.

Dalet flex lfp

“Dalet Flex has integration and automation capabilities LFP required to work independently, at a competitive price. The LFP team operatives, many of whom do not have a technical background, have also been able to adapt to the new tools and workflow quickly.” As well as supplying the software, Dalet hosts and manages LFP’s cloud environment, lowering both their initial and overall maintenance costs.

Dalet’s agile media workflows, media management expertise and, in particular, their flexible SaaS and subscription business models mean that sports organisations have a chance to shift their operations to focus more onto the specific kinds of content they want to deliver, and to adapt to future business opportunities more easily. www.dalet.com