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Dejero and Dazzl have formed a partnership that aims to simplify cloud-based live production. So far, the companies have delivered two projects. Local French TV station TV8 Mont-Blanc deployed the joint workflow to facilitate coverage of two challenging alpine races, the Dynastar X3 Courchevel Triathlon 2021 and the Torgon Trail 2021, that have a high profile in the region. The events were held back to back on the same weekend, the Torgon Trail on 22 May and the triathlon on 23 May.

The combination of the video contribution system from Dejero and Dazzl’s cloud-native live video production tools and services was a key element in TV8 Mont-Blanc’s uninterrupted live broadcast, covering both races in a complex network environment across the Swiss-French border. 

Quick Connection to Multiple Sources

“The Dazzl live mobile application supports video and audio contribution for live event production from iOS and Android devices. The integration between Dazzl and Dejero means they can link up in a few seconds and connect to other types of source, such as drones and phones.,” said Pierre Boucaud, president of TV8 Mont-Blanc. “Combining Dazzl and Dejero can make a traditional control room, with its associated wiring and physical installation, unnecessary.

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“Furthermore, the combination makes it possible for broadcasters to deliver an original quality livestream with certain advantages, including essential network stability. More than 100,000 people watched our live footage over a combination of digital and linear platforms, so the weekend was significant for us.”

Each race lasted around six hours and encompassed a mix of different physical challenges for the athletes across various alpine landscapes, in a region that is well known for fluctuating network coverage by both French and Swiss telecom providers. TV8 Mont-Blanc achieved a flexible, reliable enough connection by using a Dejero EnGo 260 mobile transmitter with Dazzl’s mobile app, and navigated this challenge while viewers watched each event over a variety of different platforms.

French and Swiss Networks

“At the level of the finish line in particular, the Dejero system was switching directly from French to Swiss networks, depending on availability, to preserve the quality of the stream,” Pierre said. “Dejero’s advantage for broadcasters is that it transmits top quality images to ingest live. Despite the fact we were filming in France, the EnGo worked on the Swiss networks too, with three of the six integrated SIM cards. It was completely stable and handled live streaming everywhere without any problem. It’s a tool we can use for live streaming everyday, as another part of our working process.”

Dejero dazzl mont blanc

Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology creates a resilient internet connection by aggregating multiple networks into a single service, supporting transmission of broadcast quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds. Footage of both events was delivered via a mix of sources – including drones, Lumix GH5 cameras, an iPad filming a TV set and others – to capture all types of action. The Dazzl app ran on Smartphones along the race, while Dejero EnGo’s mobile transmission connected to Dazzl via a Dejero Cloud Server.

Production Access

These sources were streamed over RTMP to the Dazzl cloud server for the TV8 Mont-Blanc producer use. By integrating Dazzl’s cloud video platform with Dejero’s mobile transmitters and video transport, editorial and production staff gain access to the platform’s live broadcast production and switching, live clipping, rapid editing and video distribution tools while still in the field. Three live streams were created, two high-quality and one low quality, for distribution over Vimeo, YouTube and TV8 Mont-Blanc’s linear TV channel.

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“By supporting our mobile app with Dejero EnGo, we could supply TV8 Mont-Blanc with impressive live shots and viewpoints, despite the environment,” said Thierry Scozzesi, CEO at Dazzl. “The partnership with Dejero gave us flexibility, as well as high quality footage, which means that we can now make a more portable, reactive, cost-effective service available to broadcast events that are usually very difficult to cover.”

Since Dazzl can stream video to web and mobile devices via Dejero’s cloud server, the task of publishing live or recorded video streams in multiple formats to the web and mobile devices becomes simpler. Live content can be fed to broadcast, digital and social platforms simultaneously from anywhere in the world, allowing the event or programme production to reach and engage wider audiences.