Edgeware StreamPilot Monitors and Analyses Multiple-CDN Environments

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The Edgeware StreamPilot session control platform controls streaming media delivery – in real time, in-session and per segment - when in a multiple-CDN (content delivery network) environment, supporting broadcast, content providers, and telecom and cable operators.

StreamPilot, based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, uses a system that Edgeware developed to control every session with per-segment granularity between the client and the delivering CDN. This approach makes it possible to control quality of experience (QoE) by actively monitoring performance and conditions, such as bitrate and, if required, switching sessions between CDNs in real time and during ongoing sessions.

CDN Independence

Streaming systems today typically depend on the delivery CDN, and can only support a limited range of media formats. They may also require client integration. StreamPilot, however, avoids many such limitations through CDN independence - relying on an Edgeware CDN system or other delivery CDN is not necessary. It also supports a whole range of media formats, including DASH for Android clients and HLS for Apple clients, regardless of whether delivery is live or on-demand. Finally, it is client agnostic and therefore, makes service provision smooth and fast.

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Edgeware follows the assertions from data, research and consulting firm Ovum regarding the central role content delivery network (CDNs) will play in the transformation of TV. Ovum’s  Research Director, Consumer and Entertainment Services Rob Gallagher said, “As more viewers watch more content on more devices, spending on CDN services to deliver video over the open Internet will grow from just under US$11 billion in 2018 to nearly US$16 billion in 2023, according to our recent forecasts.

“CDNs will also be critical to ensuring streams start fast, play buffer-free and generally meet consumers standards as demand scales. The ability to analyse and manage multiple CDNs to deliver the best quality experiences for the best possible costs will be the strategy for a growing number of TV and video service providers.”

StreamPilot has a dashboard with an open API that supports automation and integration, leading to particular insights into important CDN performance indicators such as load, performance and cost, as well as end user experience. This information makes a difference when deceiding how to optimise and enhancing CDN delivery, especially when using multiple CDNs.

Edgeware Cloud Service

“StreamPilot opens potential applications that can make use of the insights gathered from the video sessions,” said Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware. “StreamPilot’s position in the control plane, between the client and the CDN, makes it possible to test new concepts, measure outcomes and rollback changes in real-time. Furthermore, StreamPilot can be used to insert ‘blackouts’, enforce rights and policies and block illegal distribution. In other words, it will make existing CDNs more flexible and establish common functionality across a multi-CDN environment.”

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StreamPilot is for use as part of the Edgeware Cloud Service that was launched in April 2019. The cloud services include Edgeware’s content processing, such as frame-accurate segmentation for personalised ads, optimised segmentation for synchronized audio, video and subtitling as well as on-the-fly repackaging into formats required by different devices. Virtual Channel Creation is also included to tailor linear OTT TV channels, with OCR subtitling.

The Edgeware’s Cloud Service is managed using self-service APIs and encompasses the functionality inside the company’s TV Content Capture, TV Repackager and Ad Enabler, which up until now have been available only as separate products to buy and run in-house, either on public cloud platforms or using private IT infrastructure.

StreamPilot will be demonstrated live for the first time on the Edgeware booth at IBC2019.   www.edgeware.tv