The Edgio management platform for streaming video distribution at the edge, now generates Common Media Client Data reports, giving insight into streaming services performance.

Edgio Uplynk

Uplynk, personalising streams for viewers.

The Edgio platform for management, monetisation and distribution of streaming video at the network edge, has now made Common Media Client Data [CMCD] reports available to clients of its Delivery service, a fast reliable CDN. Companies can generate these reports to help them gain better insight into how their streaming services perform across a range of different video players.

Free to Edgio customers, the reports show users details about the behaviour and performance of content and video streams, supporting data-driven decisions on optimising delivery that can improve the user experience and reduce operationing costs. They are produced within a data latency of about 5 to 10 minutes.

Edgio Platform

Media companies use the Edgio platform to deliver online experiences and content via Edgio’s worldwide edge network, and its integrated applications and media services. The Delivery CDN, which accelerates and protect content delivery on the network, is one of Edgio’s three primary media products which include Uplynk, used to operate and monetise personalised streams to viewers, and Open Edge, which improves the viewing experience by integrating the edge into the network.

Edgio Delivery aims to make users’ online experiences faster, safer for viewers and easier to manage. For example, with over 250 Tbps of egress capacity, users can handle millions of concurrent users while maintaining quality of experience. With more than 300-Points of Presence (PoPs) on the network, capable of serving more objects from cache with faster page load times, operators can deliver broadcast quality video with very low rebuffer rates.

Edgio Uplynk

Edgio security monitoring


Edgio’s CMCD reports give visibility into several key areas of measurement, including video egress, play time, rebuffer rates, average client throughput, average video bitrate, and percentage of slow time to first byte (TTFB) – that is, the time a browser takes to receive the first byte of response after making a request to the server.

CMCD reports give detailed information relating to delivery efficiency, for example, monitoring how effectively content is cached and delivered to end-users. Because the monitoring and analytics information becomes available in real-time, operators can respond quickly to changing streaming demands, and use the data to fine-tune streaming strategies, reduce buffering and improve viewer engagement.

Also, by optimizing content delivery and cache efficiency, customers can reduce data transfer and infrastructure costs. Edgio’s CMCD reports are free and include all video players.

“At a time when many companies in the Media and Entertainment industry are challenged to delivering high quality video with fewer resources and reduced cost, the ability to capture and deliver near real-time insights that can improve their viewers’ experience without additional resources, is now essential,” said Kyle Faber, Senior Director of Product at Edgio. “We are pleased to bring this new service to clients at zero cost to help them optimize their video delivery.”

Edgio’s CMCD reports are available immediately.