Grass Valley welcomes new partners to the GV Media Universe, with products and services to help media organisations use the cloud to deliver content more easily and efficiently.

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Grass Valley has developed the Grass Valley Media Universe (GVMU) as a way to help media organisations to use the cloud to deliver content more easily and efficiently. The Media Universe is a collection of cloud-based tools and services connected to partner products, existing systems and various marketplaces for content developers and media organisations.

The partners belong to the GV Media Universe Alliance. To help users put their products and services to work, the Media Universe operates through Grass Valley’s GV AMPP (agile media processing platform) that functions as a service for cloud-based live production.

In the Media Universe

The GVMU uses elastic computing, which gives broadcasters the choice to launch or shut down applications as needed, addressing primary concerns about transitioning to the cloud. Users pay for services as they use them. Furthermore, GV AMPP can be deployed on public clouds, in private data centres, on premises or in hybrid configurations. From there, the GV Media Universe surrounds GV AMPP with other services and tools, in effect extending a media company's reach without introducing further barriers. It also has a consistent interface used across all tools.

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GV AMPP clip player

Making all of these components work together and run in a mutually dependent manner are the integrations with Grass Valley’s technology alliance partners, whose products are available – pre-qualified – for purchase directly within the universe marketplace.

Grass Valley CMO Neil Maycock said, “Grass Valley has recently simplified its organisational structure in order to accelerate the focus on the company’s GV Media Universe strategy. The changes will enable the company to capitalise on the strong market response to the GVMU and make investments in its award winning product suite. The company’s next phase of growth will include a focus on expanding the overall product suite and emphasizing its cloud native platform.”

Hyper-Scale Cloud Media Delivery

Net Insight joined the GV Media Universe Alliance in October. Net Insight’s hyper-scale cloud media delivery platform Nimbra Edge oversees synchronisation, supporting all of the major industry re-transmission ARQ (automatic repeat request) standards – RIST, SRT, Zixi – making it possible to deploy combinations of private, hybrid or public cloud networks and avoid locked themselves into a particular vendor or system.

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Net Insight works on a scalable, open, standards-based video infrastructure that can be used to launch and retire new channels and workflows rapidly and deliver content in any format. Net Insight´s programmable Media Pro Application, an adaptable virtualised media function, can handle high data volumes of ST 2022 and ST 2110 IP video, audio and data to support live events and production workflows.

Net Insight and Grass Valley have already worked as partners for customers ranging from Globo TV and Red Bee Media to LinkedIn. Their joint projects have included cloud-based live video and remote production workflows. They have also achieved secure, uncompressed restricted delivery of approved IP media between operation centres on the 100GE wide area network, using Net Insight’s IP Media Trust Boundary feature which strictly controls which IP media traffic is allowed to pass.

IP Media Trust Boundary

IP works in an environment where broadcasters are switching between local and public IP networks and different IP domains. Data, audio and video streams enter the different domains over the same network links and ports. Ensuring network security means controlling the type of IP media traffic that can pass through a network, and the type of streams that can go in and out of each network domain, calling for visibility and control over how content is filtered.

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Therefore, Net Insight created IP Media Trust Boundary, supporting both ST 2022 and ST 2110 workflows, to automate traffic filtering of incoming and outgoing IP addresses and ports per stream and per core application, according to user selectable metrics

Commenting on the move to join the GVMU, Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson said, “We both share a common vision — to support the broadcasting industry’s transition to cloud and distributed workflows that will keep content delivery and viewing experiences relevant and competitive over the longer term, and change how live media is produced.”

GVMU Advanced Channel Partners – ASG, ES Broadcast, LOGIC Media Solutions

Other companies joining the GVMU are ASG (Advanced Systems Group), ES Broadcast and LOGIC Media Solutions, who have become members of the GV Media Universe Advanced Channel Partner Program. By launching this program, Grass Valley wanted to attract companies that are already transitioning into cloud-based tools, and are able to help media companies shift to cloud-based workflows.  

Systems integrator ASG was selected as the first North America GVMU Advanced Channel Partner. ASG will use all AMPP applications for its customer base, including playout, master control, audio mixing and cloud-based switching.

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Dave Van Hoy, president at ASG, said, “The media and entertainment industry is increasingly asking, ‘How do we make cloud production real?’ By pooling the expertise and experience from a range of specially selected organisations, ASG and Grass Valley will make an even broader range of workflows available for virtualised remote environments.”

ES Broadcast, a broadcast systems reseller, has joined the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program as a way to extend its mission to integrate cloud systems into its services portfolio. Jonathan Lyth, Group CTO for ES Broadcast said, “Our focus for clients is on the application of the right tool for the job. We can propose AMPP to our clients based on the granularity of AMPP’s workload-based model, the diversity of workloads it can offer, and its support.”

LOGIC Media Solutions, a distributor, consultant and system designer for media, is using this partnership to supply customers with managed services for content production in the cloud.

Christophe Bingemer, CEO, LOGIC Media Solutions said, “As part of the GVMU Advanced Channel Partner Program we are looking forward to increasing clients’ flexibility, boosting asset utilisation and ensuring production teams can remain local to the markets they serve. We can extend our portfolio with services that we haven’t been able to make available to customers before.”