LiveU’s Ingest, automated recording and story metadata tagging for cloud and hybrid production workflows, helps process video faster by accelerating story metadata association.

LiveU Ingest

LiveU has launched an automatic recording and story metadata tagging system, LiveU Ingest for cloud and hybrid production workflows. LiveU Ingest helps users to process video content faster by accelerating story metadata association.

The increasing amount of live content that producers need to manage means that manual processes create bottlenecks in production workflows, and may ultimately increase costs. Managing content manually takes a toll on productivity, storage and the efficiency of human resources. LiveU Ingest reduces the load by automatically recording any live transmissions from the field while applying the respective metadata generated by the NRCS (Newsroom Computer System). With all content instantly available on the LiveU Ingest web portal, digital teams can shorten the time needed to publish assets online. Automation tools speed up workflows and allow human resources to be reallocated to more creative tasks.

LiveU Ingest automatically records every piece of live content while applying the respective metadata generated by the NRCS. Storage costs are reduced because content is filtered and trimmed before being transferred to the MAM (media asset management) system, ensuring that only relevant content is moved. With all video feeds instantly accessible over a cloud web portal, field crews and production teams can view, trim, download and publish the assets online from anywhere.

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Samuel Wasserman, CEO & Co-founder of LiveU said, "LiveU Ingest helps production teams to manage their content more efficiently, while giving them peace of mind that they won’t miss valuable details. Our users are looking for ways to increase viewership and build their business by expanding their reach. Ingest makes this possible by shortening the time taken to convert assets into digital media so content can be published quickly across multiple platforms. As all of the work is done in the cloud, it fits into an existing remote production (REMI) workflow. We're receiving positive feedback from customers who are using Ingest for cloud-based news and other productions."

Compatible with different metadata formats, LiveU Ingest also integrates with NRCS and MAM systems. Enabling hybrid cloud or on-prem deployment options, LiveU Ingest contributes to existing production set-ups and is straightforward to implement with minimal ramp-up required.