Signiant integrated cloud-native Media Shuttle and Signiant Jet with AWS Media2Cloud, establishing a cloud-based ingest and automatic metadata extraction workflow.

Signiant jet

Signiant has integrated two of its cloud-native software applications, Media Shuttle and Jet, with Media2Cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Media2Cloud implementation establishes a complete, serverless ingest workflow on the AWS cloud that move users’ video assets and associated metadata to the cloud. During migration, frame-level metadata is generated using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) from Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend. Media2Cloud’s APIs then allow users to integrate this metadata into other systems.

With this integration, customers can use Signiant’s SaaS products to rapidly transfer content directly into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using a secured process. Once the content is in Amazon’s S3 bucket, Media2Cloud begins content analysis and post-processing. Amazon Rekognition is image and video analysis automated with machine learning. Transcribe is automatic speech-to-text conversion, and Comprehend allows you to customise and simplify document processing workflows by extracting text, key phrases, topics, sentiment and so on from documents.

Signiant Media2Cloud jet

Signiant software is developed for fast, secure movement of large data sets over IP networks in hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments. It allows users a high level of control and visibility, at scale. Media Shuttle and Signiant Jet are deployed often across the media and entertainment space to support various aspects of the media supply chain, connecting some 50,000 organisations around the world.

Every month, Signiant software typically moves petabytes of content to and from AWS for clients. Therefore, the Media2Cloud integration was a straightforward decision. Signiant Chief Solutions Officer Mike Flathers said, “Customers can move media assets into the cloud and use Media2Cloud AI/ML workflows to gain deeper insights into the content.”