Synamedia developed 8K encoding, without compromising video quality, using its AI-based software video compression and AMD EPYC processors while optimising bandwidth savings.

SYNamedia VIVID amd

Synamedia announced it has achieved 8K real-time encoding and streaming, without compromises, on its software-based VIVID Compression platform powered by 3rd generation AMD EPYC 7763 processors. Through the use of AMD’s high performance x86 server CPUs, Synamedia’s compression encoding makes screen splitting and other techniques that compromise video quality, unnecessary.

Synamedia’s team built their compression algorithms specifically to remove the need for hardware trade-offs. When using the codec’s full set of tools, powered by AMD EPYC 7763 processors, operators do not need to split the 8K signal into 4K quadrants, or rely on dedicated GPU memory or other hardware acceleration. This avoids issues with memory communication and throughput, or with local video quality variations. These developments, combined with Synamedia’s methods of using artificial intelligence, called VIVID-AI, produce true 8K resolution video.

VIVID Compression

Synamedia looks at compression from a consumer and business point of view. Compression is about striking a balance between quality, bandwidth, latency and density, and always involves interaction between these elements. Therefore, VIVID Compression delivers the highest video quality possible for a given piece of content, at the minimum bandwidth. Using AI, distributors can optimise bandwidth savings based on content while reducing computational complexity.

SYNamedia VIVID amd3

At the same time, diverse customer needs require different encoder configurations taking into account the trade-offs between type of content, resolution, available bandwidth, latency and cost. Synamedia’s compression R&D has centred on finding a mathematical method of measuring video quality the way consumers perceive it, and resulted in a patented metric, SVQ, that aims for a consistent perceptual quality for the compressed, encoded profiles.

Meanwhile their team is developing compression engines that both enhance picture quality, and continuously increase density and decrease latency. VIVID Compression is actually a single application on one converged platform where businesses can choose from various models to help them stay agile without a large investment, deliver top quality at all bitrates, and save on bandwidth.

Measuring Quality

Synamedia has also extended its cloud-based video quality analysis solution, Video-Quality-as-a-Service (VQaaS), with 8K resolution. Synamedia’s VQaaS supplies both objective measurement and subjective visualisation analysis, resulting in a simplified way to measure improvements of 8K video quality.

SYNamedia VIVID amd

Using AMD’s 3rd generation EPYC processors, Synamedia’s compression algorithms can save on capital and operational costs for operators and MVPDs (multiple video programming distributors) by reducing footprints and power usage. Consumption-based business models can then be built based on VIVID Video Workflows-as-a-Service. The VIVID platform has templated workflows and flexible deployment models that users can customise to suit their needs.

“The flexibility of using one CPU without further technological intervention means our customers can continue to deliver video content at the quality they expect. By combining our team’s expertise with the performance of AMD EPYC processors, we can enable more 8K content to the market at a more affordable price,” said Elke Hungenaert, Vice President, Product Management, Synamedia.

“Synamedia’s use of 3rd Gen EPYC processors was a natural fit for the high-performance needs of 8K real-time encoding,” said James Knight, director, global media and entertainment/VFX, AMD. “We’re proud to help media and entertainment industry companies deliver a high-quality dynamic viewing experience to cpnsumers on a single, high-performance CPU while lowering the barrier to entry.”