Telewizja Polsat’s new IP-based 4K HDR OB camera truck, conforming to the new SMPTE and AMWA NMOS standards, features Leader hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement instruments.

Leader Telewizja Polsat 4K HDR IP OB

Telewizja Polsat, one of Poland's largest broadcast media companies, has recently completed an IP-based 4K HDR outside broadcast camera truck. The 14m long vehicle conforms to the most recent SMPTE ST 2059, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022 and AMWA NMOS suite of standards, enabling interoperability with current and future systems that Telewizja Polsat will create around this truck.

Telewizja Polsat chose Leader reference signal generators and hybrid IP/SDI test and measurement instruments for the vehicle. It incorporates Leader’s most recent tools including an LT4610 IP/SDI video sync generator, LV5600 IP/SDI waveform monitors, an LV7600 rasteriser and an LT4448 emergency changeover unit. LV5600 waveform monitor displays have been integrated into the vision engineering positions plus the LV7600 rasteriser for the engineer in charge. The instruments were supplied by Leader channel partner 4Vision.

Leader's LT4610 IP and SDI video sync generator will be used to generate traditional black-burst/tri-level sync and PTP reference. These signals remain locked together even if external GPS reference is lost. The LT4448 emergency changeover unit adds resilience for traditional SDI and audio references, and the PTP Best Master Clock Algorithm. This algorithm helps choose which clock to use as the timing reference for the network. In a fault, rather than losing time, the redundant Master Clock takes over.

Leader LV5600 02mainPC 2

LV5600 IP/SDI waveform monitor

"This new vehicle has flexible, effective production capabilities for capturing entertainment and sports events right up to HD-HDR and UHD-HDR," said Pawel Fila, 4Vision's Project Manager. "Leader's LV5600 and LV7600 test instruments support Sony's SR Live for HDR workflow and operational practices, which reduce the complexity of simultaneous HDR and SDR programme production by a single crew. The instruments can analyse and display the SR Live metadata, so that productions can ensure all HDR sources and SDR conversion products are correctly configured. The LV5600 and LV7600 can also display multiple HDR transfer characteristics with the waveform, vectorscope and picture."

"An OB vehicle built on an IP infrastructure is for us, as one of the largest video content producers in Poland, an entry into a completely new area of production equipment," said Jacek Sierpiński, responsible for the 4K HDR IP OB van project from Telewizja Polsat. "In this exciting challenge, we are glad to have a helping hand from Leader who are strongly committed to the development of IP systems and associated standards."

"Being able to monitor IP and SDI within a single test and measurement environment is a major advantage," adds Kevin Salvidge, Leader Europe's Sales Engineering Manager. "Broadcast production teams have long experience with SDI-based test equipment. The LV5600 waveform monitor and LV7600 rasterizer can display IP and SDI video sources simultaneously. They supply the same monitoring and measurement resources irrespective of whether the video signal is IP or SDI. They also give engineering staff the tools they need to monitor and analyse IP network activity."

The 4K HDR IP OB truck's crew additionally have access to Leader’s CINEZONE, which uses the colour spectrum to represent luminance values. Luminance levels can be confirmed quickly without relying on waveform representations. Levels over the adjustable maximum are displayed in white, highlights in red, mid-grays in green, shadows in blue and levels under the adjustable minimum in black. CINEZONE also reveals variations in luminance levels across dark areas.