Grass Valley EDIUS 9 Integrates HDR Support, Adds Floating Licenses

GV EDIUS Pro 9 Screenshot

EDIUS nonlinear editing software from Grass Valley is available from 1 November 2017 in a new version 9 with HDR functionality and workflow updates due to new format and third party hardware support.

Editors can now work natively on HDR material and export HDR content, expanding the existing ability of EDIUS to work directly in a number of 4K and HDR formats. This includes native end-to end support for HDR content from professional and consumer camcorders from major manufacturers, and also for HDR video from drones and smartphones Users can mix SDR and HDR material in the same EDIUS project, and output the results in either colour space.

Canon EOS C200 Cinema RAW Light decoding, raw file decoding for still images and UI improvements have been added to enhance workflows, plus new third party hardware support including 4K 50p/60p output support in EDIUS Workgroup 9. Mync media management software, which comes bundled with EDIUS 9, now implements a new Meta Smart Search function.

GV EDIUS Pro Workgroup 9 HDR

EDIUS Workgroup 9

Another update is a cloud-ready floating license package introduced for large facilities, such as broadcast stations or educational environments, allowing users to install EDIUS across multiple systems and then run a set number simultaneously at any given time, adding more licenses as needed. This facility will enable the use of EDIUS 9 on virtual workstations with major cloud platforms.  The floating license package also includes license management software, making it easier to manage the license with a single key.

EDIUS Pro 9 will be available 1 November, and the floating license package in April 2018. For purchases of EDIUS 8 after 1 September 2017, a free upgrade to EDIUS 9 will be available.