Marquis & Pronology Integrate on Avid Media Export and Transfer

Marquis Broadcast and Pronology have been working together on a workflow to simplify the collaboration required when exporting from Avid Media Composer. Medway is Marquis’ workflow automation software, used to integrate broadcast content applications. It has been successfully combined with Pronology’s media asset management platform, and now allows editors to export and flatten Avid sequences with detailed metadata, and view the results in a standard web browser.

Marquis Broadcast develops media integration software, and Pronology specialises in tapeless workflow design. Marquis Medway has been designed as an ‘interoperability engine’ specifically to unify multi-vendor systems, and is able to transfer media and provide conversion services between Avid environments. Now that it is integrated with Pronology’s MAM, it will enable the export and process of Avid sequences, both works-in-progress and final products, in a consistent, reliable manner.

Medway is unusual in that it can move content out of an NLE, complete with metadata useful to the user, and make it viewable inside of Pronology’s browser based interface. Editors and producers can keep up an active back-and-forth collaboration from their own locations. The exports are immediately visible to authorized people working on-site or off. This makes doing exports and uploads, which can be time-consuming and prone to error, from separate workstations generally unnecessary.


An editor begins the collaboration via a drag and drop operation from Avid Media Composer directly to the Medway drain. This operation can pop-up a custom metadata entry form containing both predefined drop-down selections as well as free text entry for editor comments. Pronology automatically creates a web-streamable asset from the Medway output and associates the editor’s metadata to it.  

Producers can log into Pronology’s web browser-based interface from anywhere worlwide and view the editor’s work along with all other content being managed by the Pronology system. They are able to make comments and timecode specific notes that they can push back directly as frame accurate markers to the editor. Pronology manages the multiple editorial versions giving everyone a single place to view all of the changes. The integrated system will be on display at NAB