Filmed in the snowy Scottish countryside from February to April 2009 and cut at Goldcrest Films in London, the Lightworks set up proved to be a fast camera-to-edit system for the movie's epic-sized battle sequences. "Speed was crucial for my editing, because the subject matter of ‘Centurion’ required multiple cameras to catch all angles of action," said Chris. He also said Lightworks can make shooting and editing organic footage simpler. The Lightworks system includes multi-cam editing with unlimited sources and dual-SDI outputs. Editors can simultaneously view source angles in sync with the edit.

Released in the UK in April 2010, and scheduled for release in the US in August 2010, ‘Centurion’ takes place in a Pict camp raided by Romans attempting to rescue a captured General during their 2nd century conquest of Britain. Action sequences in ‘Centurion’ were aligned with sound effects to heighten audience emotion and tension. Lightworks' real-time audio level controls and automatic synchronisation were used to match drum rhythms with bloody battle sequences.

"Music is always a big issue for the editor and when dealing with fight scenes of a large proportion, it is crucial for impact. Lightworks tells me if any portion of my multiple layers of audio tracks and video are not in sync and I can go in and fix them. It saves me a lot of time," says Chris. Lightworks has sub-frame audio editing, a direct-to-timeline voice over tool, Mackie protocol support, real-time playback of mixed sample and bit rates, and real-time multi-track audio.

EditShare recently announced plans to develop Lightworks into an Open Source editing system. Beginning after mid-2010, a free Lightworks download will be available to all users. Customers will be able to familiarise themselves with Lightworks characteristics and functions like true shared projects, instant save, 3D editorial functionality, Universal Media File support, native RED editing, native 2K support with DPX and RED, dual outputs and format-independent timeline.