Adobe Express is now available as a desktop web application with features combining the functionality of Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and Firefly beta generative AI capabilities.

Adobe Express Firefly6

Adobe Express is now available as a desktop web application. Its features combine the functionality of several Adobe Creative Cloud softwares, and include Firefly beta generative AI capabilities.

Not necessarily aimed at design professionals or graphic artists, it has a combined editor and speeds up tasks such as creating social video content, image clean-up, importing, editing and embellishing PDFs, and laying out designs.

Firefly Generative AI

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI now supports prompts in over 100 languages, and is useful for shortening workflows by rapidly outputting images, designs, text effects and so on. Now accessible via desktop web software, plans are underway to bring the new version of Express to mobile with capabilities ranging into audio, further into video and other fields.

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Creative Cloud memberships include the full paid version of Express Premium. Members can access, edit and work in Express with their creative assets from Photoshop and Illustrator, either directly or by setting up linked files that stay in sync across the applications. Users can also import and enhance PDFs to look more like pieces of graphic art by adding complex text, images, backgrounds, brand logos and so on.

Express includes collaborative functionality that supports real-time co-editing, review and commenting that makes it easier to stay on brand when creating content for social media or concept approval.

Express for Enterprise

In an enterprise context, Express bridges workflows between creative teams and marketers through integrations both into Creative Cloud applications, and into the Experience Manager CMS in Adobe Experience Cloud. These integrations, as well as the simplicity of Express, increase content velocity – that is, the quantity of content produced over time – at scale because almost any employee across an organisation can use the tools to generate corporate content.

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“Using Adobe Express means our creatives can focus on high-impact, higher-value work while equipping the other teams with an approachable design tool they can use for their own purposes. We can bypass repetitive, manual tasks and save time without compromising our brand or creative output,” said Bridget Esposito, vice president and group creative director, Prudential.

“Ensuring that our brand is represented correctly and coherently in the digital world is a priority, and a task that is distributed across many of our global teams. With Adobe Express, we’re creating brand-uniform content in a scalable way,” said Christina Lehnert, digital brand experience manager, Carl Zeiss AG.

Assets and Animations

New video, multiple-page design templates and elements are available to use in Express with Adobe’s content collection that now holds nearly 200 million assets including royalty-free Adobe Stock images, video and audio assets, almost 22,000 fonts, plus more icons, backgrounds and shapes. The software’s AI tools are in place to find very specific content or receive personalised template recommendations for a particular style, and also make background removal from images and videos, convert to GIF and PDF editing much faster.

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Animations like Fade In, Pop, Flicker, Bungee make text, photos, video and other assets more dynamic. When working with Adobe Character Animator, users are able to synchronise their characters’ lips and gestures to align with a dialogue recording.

Users can access Express for desktop for free. The new Express will be ported to mobile soon. For existing Creative Cloud members, their membership includes Express Premium. The enterprise version is available now as well.