Avid MediaCentral 2019 Transforms Searches, Collaboration and Ingest

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Avid MediaCentral 2019 is a scalable software platform with customisable creative tools and media management. From within the user interface, teams can create and collaborate from any connected place, using any device, and deploy the platform with full cloud integration or a hybrid on-premises-with-cloud approach.

New functionality in this version allows teams working across several geographic locations to ingest, log, search, edit, distribute and publish video content to any chosen number of outlets, giving them the agility to create more interesting content faster and take better advantage of its value.

Up to six production sites can use MediaCentral to connect, allowing them to share and search for content from different locations to support collaboration. Content creators can search, browse and play back media remotely with the same performance as if it were stored locally.

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Users can speed up and refine searching through the use of the platform’s new query builder and expanded filtering, selecting combinations of metadata, dates and favourites. Users find the intended results faster when re-purposing and monetising their media assets. The Phonetic Index option automatically indexes all of an organisation’s video and audio content across MediaCentral phonetically, so that a user can type a word or phrase to locate all clips that contain them.
Users can also log assets with meaningful details faster with a new Log app used to tag information as it happens. This is useful for fast turnaround content like sports, news, reality TV and post production, because loggers can mark in/out points quickly, and other team members can then search large amounts of media and find the right clips faster.

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Ingest of high volumes of media can now be automated through a web browser or volume ingest with the same Avid Media Access (AMA) support as usual in the Ingest desktop app. AMA plugins allow you to connect a supported manufacturer's media card, disk or device and begin viewing and cutting footage right away, skipping the transcode step or need to work through intermediary software.

Users can set up the 2019 platform however it suits their work, and transition it as business needs and client expectations evolve. MediaCentral can be deployed on premises in a facility, in a private data centre or under a hybrid modelwww.avid.com