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Avid’s media workflow platform MediaCentral now includes mobile apps for TV news, sports and post production, and support for third party newsroom computer systems (NRCS). Production teams and mobile journalists – working in the studio or in the field – can use Avid software to develop breaking news stories from mobile devices and distribute them across multiple broadcast and digital platforms.

Team members in different locations use MediaCentral as a platform to collaborate on news content development and improve the visibility of workflows across locations and departments. With the new MediaCentral | Collaborate mobile app, users can align resources in relation to stories, assign the best-qualified people to cover different events and angles, and monitor progress.

The Collaborate app keeps everyone on the team informed and connected, at their own location. Supervisors are allowed real-time visibility into assignments, and the remote story creation workflow becomes smoother. On completion, MediaCentral can be used to manage the distribution of stories to broadcast and digital media outlets.

Avid Post Collab Adobe Premiere

Avid has also developed MediaCentral | Reporter mobile app for journalists, who can use it to create, manage and deliver finished stories from external locations to the newsroom from connected mobile devices.  This work can involve capturing video, editing multi-track sequences, adding graphics and effects and, finally, send stories to MediaCentral from the mobile device.

Avid aims to increase openness in MediaCentral by integrating production tools from the mainstream vendors in the industry. MediaCentral now supports direct integration with ENPS and Octopus newsroom computer systems. This integration gives users an HTML5 plugin for MOS that gives visual access to the MediaCentral platform. They can create placeholders, browse, search and preview content, as well as trim and edit media from within their NRCS client application.

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The MediaCentral platform’s integration with Adobe Premiere Pro is mainly concerned with exchanging content. With MediaCentral | Connector for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid now serves as a combined platform to share content for broadcast and digital news creation – users can browse, search, access and edit content across local and remote databases, without leaving Premiere Pro or Media Composer. Users can also work from a browser.

You can view rundowns and scripts while you edit, and map metadata between Avid and Adobe projects. Automated media ingest, phonetic search and workflow orchestration tools are available to all of the users, with multiplatform deliverywww.avid.com