axledit is a browser-based video editor developed by axle ai with integrated collaboration, search and publishing features, based in the cloud and available on subscription.

Axledit review

axledit is a browser-based video editor developed by axle ai with integrated collaboration, search and publishing features, based in the cloud and available on subscription. axle ai says the software is a response to the steadily growing use of video for social media and marketing, and fast migration to the cloud.

Users can upload large video files at speed without interruption, and pause and resume if necessary. This is due to multipart uploads via a CDN. Once in the cloud, the content is transcoded for smooth playback and editing, Stock video content can be imported directly without downloading.

The axledit software is accessed through a simple browser interface. It can be used to create rough cuts or log clips with in/out points. But it also has functionality and features at a scope and level similar to those of desktop NLEs, including a professional timeline handling multiple audio and video tracks.

Axledit video logss1

Users can carry out colour correction and keying, apply effects and create transitions, and work with text and fonts. You can also change the image scale and orientation and re-crop images. Videos and graphics uploaded with alpha channels will be displayed accurately during playback without rendering first.

Sequences can then be exported from axledit, in XML and EDL format, to other software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Axledit has collaboration features supporting browser-based review and approval between producers, editors and clients. Simultaneous editing sessions are supported with a shared view of the current state of the timeline and playback, without having to manage storage and version control. Reviewers can give live feedback – comments and changes will be pushed out live and synced automatically. These capabilities are especially important at a time when remote work is preferred, or helps overcome distance and restrictions.

Axledit clips

axle ai 2022

Also at this time, axle ai is announcing the 2022 release of its primary product – axle ai, an AI-powered media management system that can catalogue and tag nearly any media, on combinations of on-premise and cloud storage, axle ai 2022 integrates fixed-cost face recognition, logo recognition plus speech transcription priced at $1/hour. People using axledit can also subscribe to and access axle ai through their on-premise and cloud media management servers.

axledit and axle ai 2022 combined can meet most of the requirements of remote media teams who capture, edit, search and repurpose large amounts of video.

Library and MAM

Teams can use axledit to create a secured cloud media library, starting with a custom metadata schema to store critical information, and create collections that automatically list files based on tags. With all media stored in the cloud, a team can log clips with in/out points to use in edits, and tag and find the clips quickly. Producers can select clips that the editor immediately uses, from any location. Because logs are searchable as well, any of the users can find what they are looking for, quickly.

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Direct publishing of edits to YouTube and Vimeo is another timely aspect of axledit, allowing creators to manage, edit and publish their content directly to those platforms without having to download large media files, edit them or upload finished media to the cloud. Built-in settings are included for horizontal, vertical, or square videos depending on the platform the video will be shown on.

axledit is available now on a monthly licensed basis. The tiers are Free, $10 per user per month and $50 per user per month. In addition, an Enterprise tier is available with a number of features including hybrid cloud/on-premise configurations, and workflow automations.