Adobe Premiere Pro editors can access Masstech’s Kumulate intelligent storage and workflow system from directly inside Premiere through a new purpose-built panel.

Masstech Kumulate Opens New Access Panel for Premiere Pro Editors

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Adobe Premiere Pro users can now access the functionality of the Masstech Kumulate intelligent storage and workflow system from directly inside Premiere Pro through a new purpose-built panel.

The Adobe panel can be added to Kumulate systems with only limited, general configuration - individual editing stations don’t need to be added as locations in the system. From there, storage movement and workflow tools are then displayed as a plug-in within Adobe Premiere Pro, and used to access an entire inventory of files across other types of online or deeper storage tiers, including cloud, local disk, optical disk and LTO.

Software on the Kumulate platform is used to build, customise and automate object storage systems for video assets. Tools range from asset management to workflow orchestration and transcoding, and help users make sure that their assets are stored in the most efficient storage tier, and delivered to the right location in the required format.

All assets on all storage tiers are searchable to Premiere Pro users from within the new panel, using intuitive search criteria including structured, unstructured and time-based metadata. These tools allow users to access their content libraries faster from within Adobe Premiere Pro,  speeding up workflows.

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Premiere Pro assets and others can be restored directly to editing storage, including individual sequences, complete projects or selected files from a project. Kumulate has a simple UI that allows users to browse proxies, and includes regular editing tools such as Adobe markers to define and initiate partial restores when only a portion of a file or project is required. For facilities that use more than one Kumulate system, the Federated Search function is able to search across the content in disparate systems and copy remote assets to the local storage.

Kumulate systems can include public and private clouds combined with on-premise disk or tape, on which users automate intelligent workflows that move media through ingest, transcode, packaging and delivery processes. To do all of this, Kumulate interfaces with MAM, PAM or NRCS systems – and now Premiere Pro - and can also access cognitive services and machine learning systems for further optimisation.

Other Kumulate tools now accessible from within Premiere Pro include bi-directional marker support  - Adobe markers can be included within the archived asset and can be imported back into Premiere from Kumulate. Also, with support for frame-accurate proxy playback of stored assets and monitoring, all ongoing transfers, transcodes and workflow jobs can be viewed collectively within the Adobe Panel.