NVIDIA’s new Quadro mobile GPUs are built on Maxwell GPU architecture,Nvidia-Quadro-Mobile-GPUs
running up to 2X faster than earlier Kepler GPUs and supporting M&E,
design and engineering software.

NVIDIA Quadro Mobile GPUs Support M&E Software & Iray Rendering

The newNVIDIA Quadro graphics processorsfor mobile workstations are built for designers, artists, architects and engineers. The NVIDIA QuadroM5000M, M4000M, M3000M, M2000M, M1000MandM600Mmobile GPUs are built on theMaxwellGPU architecture, running up to 2 times faster than their predecessors built on Kepler, according to NVIDIA, with up to8GB of GDDR5 memoryin the top of the line M5000M.

Quadro-powered mobile workstations are able to run the same software applications formedia and entertainment, designandengineeringas desktop workstations at almost the same level of performance, but with lower power consumption. They are currently certified for about 100 applications, supportingAdobe Creative Cloud, Autodeskand others. They also accelerateNVIDIA's Irayphysically based rendering system.
NVIDIA-Quadro M5000m      NVIDIA-Quadro M5000m F

All variations of the Maxwell mobile Quadro GPUs are PCI-E Generation 3 and support theOpenGLAPI version 4.5 for graphics,DirectX 12, Shader Model 5.0screen rendering and precision to FP32. They support NVIDIA systems including 3D Vision Pro glasses, Optimus graphics optimisation, Mosaic for multiple displays, and nView display manager. The number of parallelprocessor coresvaries from 1,536 in the M5000M to 384 in the M600M, bandwidth from160GB/sec with 256-bitmemory to 80GB/sec with 12-bit memory and power consumption from 100W down to 30W. Specifications are shownhere.     www.nvidia.com
NVIDIA Iray renderer for MAXON CINEMA 4D.