New AMD Ryzen 8040 Series mobile processors will upgrade AMD’s AI PCs with greater AI processing performance than earlier on, extending their ability to handle larger models.

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New AMD Ryzen 8040 Series mobile processors now integrate the Ryzen AI NPU (Neural Processing Unit), fabricated on the processor chip, on select models. In effect, the processors will upgrade the AI PCs that AMD brings to market with up to 1.6x more AI processing performance than earlier AMD models, extending their ability to handle larger models.

To further support the development of new user experiences and AI-ready capabilities, AMD is also making Ryzen AI Software widely available for developers to build and deploy machine learning models on the new PCs. Ryzen AI is the combination of a dedicated AI engine, the AMD Radeon graphics engine and Ryzen processor cores that enable AI capabilities

AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors are now part of the Ryzen Series processor line-up and are expected to be released to market beginning in Q1 2024 from OEMs including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Razer.

AMD Ryzen 8040 Series Processors

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AMD Performance Labs’ internal tests show that AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors enhance performance for tasks from everyday functions to complex content creation. The Ryzen 9 8945HS processor, for example, can significantly increase speeds for video editing, 3D rendering and gaming.

Designed on AMD Zen 4 processor architecture and with up to eight cores capable of delivering up to 16 threads of processing power, the Ryzen 9 8945HS delivers single-core and multi-core performance. With AMD RDNA 3 architecture-based Radeon graphics – and select systems powered by AMD XDNA architecture built for AMD Ryzen AI – the new processors are designed for creative professionals, gamers and mainstream users looking for a high performance laptop, and the capability to run advanced AI experiences.

They also push up the performance of extremely thin PC laptops and extend battery life through their power management features. The latest Ryzen processors suit varied types of professionals, gaming enthusiasts and content creators looking for faster, more power-efficient computing. AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors also come with LPDDR5 memory support. With these new processors, users are able to take advantage of immersive virtual experiences, gaming and streaming, knowing that their devices support demanding AI use cases while maintaining power efficiency.

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AMD Ryzen 8040 processors can also take advantage of Windows 11 functionality for optimized performance, including support for Windows 11 security features. With an AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processor, some systems can also access AI with the Windows Studio Effects Pack, which are camera-related effects that control how your camera presents you and your environment, including background effects, eye gaze correction, framing and noise cancellation.

Developer Software for Ryzen AI

Ryzen AI Software is now available for developers to build and deploy machine learning models trained in frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow and run them on laptops powered by Ryzen AI.

The 1.0 version of Ryzen AI software enables ONNX Runtime inferencing applications and includes a pre-optimized model zoo, or library of pre-trained models, on the Hugging Face ML community website, allowing users to get started and up and running AI models in a few minutes. Laptops with Ryzen AI can offload AI models to the NPU, thereby freeing up the CPU to both reduce power consumption and extend battery life. 

As part of the Ryzen AI software launch, developers can take advantage of Ryzen AI to build AI applications with gesture recognition, biometric authentication and other hardware accessibility features. Developers are also given early access support for Automatic Speech Recognition models like Whisper and Large Language Models (LLM) such as OPT and Llama-2 in order to build natural language speech interfaces for their applications and unlock other Natural Language Processing features such as document summarization and email assistance.

AMD also recently announced the Pervasive AI Developers Contest to challenge developers to create innovative AI applications with use cases in data centres, workstations and laptops, gaming and robotics. One contest option is for developers to build applications for PCs using vision, speech or domain-optimized LLMs to bring the AI PC to life and highlight its potential to improve user experience and efficiency.