Matrox KMLync USB keyboard and mouse switch controls multiple systems, or Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM devices, from users’ control rooms through a single keyboard/mouse configuration.

Matrox KMLync

The new Matrox KMLync USB keyboard and mouse switch enables users to control multiple systems, or Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM devices, from their control rooms through a single keyboard/mouse configuration.

Available as a stand-alone keyboard and mouse switch or as an accessory to the Extio 3 IP KVM product line, KMLync supports direct mouse switching between up to four different input sources, KVM or other. When combined with Extio 3 IP KVM extenders, KMLync enables new workflows for larger multimonitor workspaces. Operators can monitor and control multiple sources across a quad 4Kp60 monitor setup, or larger configurations with up to sixteen 1080p60 monitors. When KMLync is paired with Extio 3’s multiview capability and fast switching over IP, operators can visualize more information and improve response time.

For Users and Facilities

KMLync helps operators work more efficiently with smoother, easier switching for faster access to information. All content on multiple monitors will feel like one large, extended desktop. This improves the workflow so operators can view and control their content in a more natural way. It also results in fewer keyboard and mouse sets at their desks, making workspaces less cluttered and more ergonomic. KMLync is straightforward to set up and maintain, and when paired with Extio 3 IP KVM receivers, system integrators can offer additional multimonitor configurations that are easily scalable over a 1GbE networking infrastructure.


KMLync is useful for control rooms in the pro AV and broadcast space. Examples in broadcast include TV studios, editing and post production workspaces, and outside broadcast vans. Pro AV applications could include emergency control centres and dispatch centres, energy and natural resources plants, military command and control rooms, security and surveillance rooms, and flight simulation instructor stations.

“KMLync is available for those needing a hardware system to control multiple systems with one keyboard and mouse set. It also helps our KVM system integrators and clients looking to augment the capabilities of Extio 3-powered remote workspaces,” said Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Video. “KMLync binds Extio 3 devices together and enables new workflows. Users can work across more screens, monitor more sources, and control simply them with one keyboard and mouse.”

KMLync will begin shipping at the end of 2023.