As ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ opens at cinemas worldwide, HP technology and DreamWorks’ creativity join into 3-D action.


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Audiences will watch transparent, almost liquid monsters, in part thanks to HP workstations, ProLiant blade servers and other products.
According to HP, the company’s technology helped DreamWorks Animation to access the large number of moving cameras used on the film. The crew employed several hundred HP xw8600 Workstations and an extensive render farm comprising HP ProLiant blade servers coordinated to process the animation sequences.
To achieve visual effects for 3-D animation, DreamWorks Animation had to re-work its production pipeline and design specific tools. The need to render separate left- and right-eye images, effectively double the load on the render farm and, in turn, the demand on workstations. HP estimates 100 terabytes of disk storage were rendered.
Among the most technically challenging sequences of the film were a flyover of a town, involving houses, hills and trees and a background trees needing a few hundred layers to render, and a large explosion in a battle scene. Furthermore, the HP Halo telepresence system and Remote Graphics Software allowed collaboration between artists located 300 miles apart in studios in Glendale and Redwood City, California.

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